Lyonesse (in Cornish, Lethowsow): an ancient land off Cornwall, home of Tristan (of "...and Isolde" fame), supposedly lost beneath the waves some time after Arthur's death (the same trope of magical underwater realms as. King Arthur was a legendary King of England or Britannia during the Middle Ages.The Arthur legends may be wholly mythical or may relate to distorted recollections of one or more real military figures or warlords who took leading roles in the Romano-British resistance to the Anglo-Saxon invasion and settlement of England in the 5th century. [7][8], The earliest historical account of any relevance is in the Welsh monk Gildas's De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae ("On the Ruin and Conquest of Britain"), which probably dates to the the mid 6th century and describes the Saxon invasion of Britain that is now reckoned to have happened around 500 CE. Confusing things further, William of Malmesbury's Gesta Regum Anglorum (Deeds of the English Kings), completed in 1125, appears to be the first text to rebut legendary tales of Arthur: criticising the "nonsense" and "false fables", he describes Arthur as a warrior who helped the Romano-British ruler Ambrosius Aurelianus repulse the Saxons, personally killing 900 people at Badon. Stories always number them as two, though they are usually not named, nor is their mother. According to the legend as written by Geoffrey of Monmouth, Arthur was the son of Uthur Pendragon,[note 1] married to Guanhumara Gwenhwyfar Guineviere (or possibly three queens of the same name in succession), was given a sword called "Caliburn" by the Lady of the Lake, ran the Round Table (a fanciful replica of which can be seen at Winchester, UK), around which an assortment of knights (which would not exist for about five hundred years) told tall tales; gave employment to Merlin the Wizard, went to war with Rome because his own kingdom conquered lands in Gaul, and died in a battle with Mordred - who might have been his own nephew but the text is somewhat vague. In such modern adaptations, Morgause is often conflated with (and into) the character of Morgan le Fay, who may be Mordred's mother or alternatively his lover or wife. However there are some versions that claim to tell the real story. Nennius's Historia Brittonum ("History of Britain", c. 800 CE) represents an advance: it names Arthur and lists 12 military victories attributed to him (which is an improbably high number of battles to fight), including at Mount Badon against Germanic invaders. In this narrative, he eventually becomes the main actor in Arthur's downfall as he helps his half-brother Agravain to expose Guinevere's and Lancelot's affair and then takes advantage of the resulting war to make himself the high king of Britain. [8] This would support the idea that early perceptions of Mordred were largely positive. During Arthur's absence, Modredus crowns himself king and lives in an adulterous union with Arthur's wife, Ganhumara (Guinevere). Meilyr Brydydd, writing at the same time as Geoffrey of Monmouth, mentions Mordred in his lament for the death of Gruffudd ap Cynan (d. 1137). Cursed be the hour in which you were born. This led to a large increase in revenues from curious visitors. The main sites of Arthurian legend are listed below, together with alleged real world counterparts.

"[20] One of the few survivors of Arthur's army, Bleoberis, then drags Mordred's corpse behind a horse around the battlefield of Salisbury Plain until it is torn to pieces. The latter comes to rescue to the young Mordred on multiple occasions in the Prose Lancelot, such as helping save his life at the Castle of the White Thorn (Castel de la Blanche Espine), and Mordred in turn treats Lancelot as his personal hero. Occupation Uther tricked the wife of his enemy Gorlois, Lady Igraine, and slept with her. Therefore, the most common assessment by Arthur fans is that he probably lived around 500 CE. [45][46] Obviously this was just a marketing stunt and the film is full of historical bloopers and questionable theories.

He is involved in the adventures of his brothers, having grown to become the tallest among them, and some of their fellow knights such as Brunor. [1] It is ultimately derived from Latin Moderātus, meaning "within bounds, observing moderation, moderate". Mordred is usually a brother or half-brother to Gawain; however, his other family relations as well as his relationships with Arthur's wife Guinevere vary greatly. Badon: site of an Arthurian victory. [2][3], The earliest surviving mention of Mordred (referred to as Medraut) is found in an entry for the year 537 in the chronicle Annales Cambriae (The Annals of Wales), which references his name in an association with the Battle of Camlann. But it's unlikely that she would be semi-naked when perfectly good leather armor would be available. However, in later writings like the Lancelot-Grail Cycle and Le Morte d'Arthur, Guinevere is not treated as a traitor and instead she flees Mordred's proposal and hides in the Tower of London. Clearly he wasn't post-Norman Conquest, or even from later Anglo-Saxon Britain, which pushes him back from the medieval period when the tales were written into the early dark ages; the Romans also kept pretty good records so it's hard to believe there was a British King Arthur while they were around (until 4th century).

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