31. If you have a cool water fairy name that is not listed, then you may submit your water fairy names for inclusion in FairyNames.net. 38. Browse through water fairy names, recommended by FairyNames.net. Apps have been generated for almost everything and now tracking kids is way much simpler. Hi!

In the Western world, various campaigns to reduce incidents of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in the 90s were successfully run to make babies sleep on their back but resulted in fewer babies meeting motor related milestones. These fairies trap themselves in little bubbles and use this pocket of air to fly since they do not have wings. 39. Titiana : This also means “fairy queen” Nixie: With German roots, this beautiful name means “water nymph” 28. This is the pre-requisite for any baby who is starting solids. Marlowe is a variation of names like Marlow and Marlo. 36. It is name that means a hill by the lake. What do you think of the name Gran Casa for a boy? What do you think of the answers? So take a look at some of the most popular fairy and magical names that may suit your fancy. Nixie: With German roots, this beautiful name means “water nymph” Nerida: A lovely name which means “water nymph” Chepi: It means “fairy” and is of Native American origin There malice to mankind is pretty much limited to those who would destroy and desecrate the sacred land around them, their home, plants, etc. Brucie: This cute and simple name means “forest fairy” Waverly sounds like a lovely, flowing easy breeze. Nix or Nixie: a water spirit. if you type artemis fowl anime pics at google images you'll get an idea of what he looks like. There have already been lots of votes made, and the voting system enables you to see the most, and least popular fairys out there. There are days when life is stressful. Pixie: You could go for this name for your little mite as it’s not only cute but also charming. Most new parents would have heard the term 'tummy-time' flung around them at some point or the other. 50. anybody now any??? We start to react emotionally, in a bid to get our children under our control. Anger is bad for adults, worse for kids. Parents and kids have a generation gap, and they both do not understand each other. 19. When children become witness to our occasional anger pangs, they catch it in no time. Marceline: Yet another name related to mermaids and means “defender of the sea” 32. Ellie: A wonderful choice for your baby that has the meaning “beautiful fairy woman” However, you could easily find it in your market. ALSO! But the River Elbe is supposedly the most sacred place to them and so that is their principal home.

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