Younger reptiles are much more wary of predators, while larger individuals do not have as much to fear. Their burrows often lie close to the river or stream, and are partially flooded. The average Asian water monitor size is five to eight feet in length for adult males, and four to size feet for adult females. With females the “penis” is empty (without a brush or a small brush). A hatchling monitor can initially be housed in an enclosure with the size equivalent to a 40 gallon reptile terrarium (dimensions of 36”x18”x16”). Within these regions, they have proven to flourish in a variety of landscapes throughout this range, including urban settings such as the metropolis of Bangkok, Thailand! Not only that, but their long lifespan will allow you to form quite a bond! These scavenger lizards are considered to be extremely intelligent and curious and are highly prized by reptile enthusiasts. Somehow monitors always lie down on the cold floor or against a cold wall. Therefore, once the water is replaced the majority of cleanup is completed. The larger the female, the more eggs she can produce. A mistake often made is when winter comes and it gets cold outside they do not insulate the enclosure good enough. Mature male water monitors generally are larger with bulkier and broader snouts. The African fat-tailed gecko is a reptile we recommend all the time. Temperature/Lighting Water monitors are exothermic, meaning they need high temperatures to function properly. A hatchling monitor can initially be housed in an enclosure with the size equivalent to a 40 gallon reptile terrarium (dimensions of 36”x18”x16”). After the Komodo dragon and the crocodile monitor, the Asian water monitor is the third longest lizard in the world. For baby monitors you can add insects to their diet. Once your enclosure is set up and you are prepared for the task of feeding your urban dinosaur, it’s time to choose your water monitor. Asian water monitor care is not for everyone. These large reptiles require a lot of work and effort to be kept in captivity. Conversely, if a monitor lizard is never basking then this may be because temperatures are too high. Your monitor can get sucked into it and get seriously injured. In addition to gut loading, it is also important that insects are dusted with a calcium/Vitamin D3 supplement before being offered to the lizard.

Adult Asian water monitors only need to be fed 2-3 times per week. Captive water monitors require a water reservoir large enough for them to fully submerge in. The humidity level in their habitat should stay between 60 and 70 percent. One of the main reasons why these lizards may suffer a shorter lifespan in captivity is that owners aren’t truly prepared for the kind of care they require. On average, a single clutch contains about 10 eggs. Otherwise you have to provide her with a proper laying box.

A long, muscular tail is also typical for a monitor. No, this reptile does not make a good pet. Another stunning heritable color variation would be the Sulfur water monitor. You’re also going to want to add a large water area to the enclosure, but we’ll be discussing this in more detail later on in the care sheet. Monitor lizards hand raised in captivity also tend to be more innately tractable and well-socialized when provided with proper care.

In the wild, this water monitor can be found in the mangrove swamps of Southeast Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia and India. Required fields are marked *. Don’t give them both at same time. Females tend to have strong appetites and feeding responses while cycling in an attempt to increase their caloric intake in preparation for potentially becoming gravid. Would a 6 ft tall 6 ft wide and 3 ft deep cage work well for the first year? Water monitors love to dig underground tunnels. These yearlings can be fed three to four times a week. We also believe swollen jaws and fingers you see on older water monitors is caused by a short on UV. Therefore, a T+ hatchling water monitor may appear quite dark as a baby having a purplish hue that will gradually become lighter with age. Asian water monitors are a fascinating reptile that have earned plenty of respect and interest from humans over the years. They’re peaceful, easy to care for,…, Caiman lizards are a beautiful and unique reptile that can make great pets for experienced owners. They also range throughout many islands in Indonesia and the surrounding areas. We do not give them places to hide because we experienced it makes them more shy.

Most of the time they are born tame because biting you is not in their system.

With time and patience this simple technique will aid in having a large, gentle beast to enjoy for years to come. Many people get these monitors as babies, and are not prepared to care for them once they begin to really grow. In most enclosures this gets too dry. Our advice about handling your Asian water monitor is to not handle it very much at all. In captivity, this extreme intelligence has allowed keepers to socialize our animals and establish relationships that previously weren’t considered possible.

These reptiles breed between the months of April and October.

Burns: This is another potentially serious problem for these monitors that many owners don’t consider. Keeping the humidity at the proper level can be a bit tricky (especially in such a large enclosure). They are adept swimmers. It has a relatively long neck, and an elongated snout. A very strong and easy to clean water filter will help you keep this animals with much more fun. Along with their large size, water monitors have a life expectancy of at least 15 years, possibly up to 20+ years in captivity due to modern advances in reptile keeping. Some common prey items include fish, lizards, snakes, birds, rats, turtles, frogs, crocodile hatchlings, and carrion. If the basking lights in the enclosure are not placed properly, your monitor can get some pretty bad burns. And if you’re one of the bold reptile-lovers who is interested in owning this monitor as a pet, you’ve come to the right place. This issue is easily prevented by ensuring a safe set up.

The Asian Water Monitor, also known as the Common Water Monitor, is a large reptile that lives throughout Asia. You’ll be able to know if you’ve set it up correctly because your monitor will demonstrate a consistent basking and roaming pattern. So you must pay attention when seasons change. Most monitor keepers don’t use extra minerals and vitamine powders. However, you still need to exercise caution even if your monitor is very used to you. Most wild caught’s do not tame down at all.

The immense size of an adult water monitor is simultaneously one of the most impressive and most challenging aspects of their care. There are certainly cases where water monitors have surpassed this size, but such cases are considered exceptional. This way it is easy to assemble/disassemble and easy to add sections as monitor grows. In fact, they will eat whenever they get the chance. The young monitors are fully independent at hatching. With patience, you may be able to get your monitor to tolerate some handling. When you are designing this part of your enclosure, make sure to give them lots of vertical space. I was wondering if anyone had any good advice about enclosures. Since these lizards love to be in the water, you will also need to include a very large DIY water source. The next day the pool was full of long white worms. They need a high body temperature to have d3 synthese. They can stay in this enclosure till they are 1 to 1,5 years old. Expert Tip: In addition to the above points, you should really think about the fact that you will be caring for this lizard for up to 25 years.

Because of their size, water monitors need spacious enclosures. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. This would be good enough for a short period of time, but you must be aware that they grow very fast. There must be deep substrate of proper composition and consistency present in order to increase the likelihood of successful nesting.

Because in 1,5 year they can be sexual mature and over 1 meter. A hatchling monitor can initially be housed in an enclosure with the size equivalent to a 40 gallon reptile terrarium (dimensions of 36”x18”x16”). Water Monitor Enclosure ideas So I am looking into the idea of getting a water monitor, and am trying to plan out what I want to eventually do for the enclosure.

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