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When the leaves look dull it is probably because the plant has sunburns, and you need to relocate it to a less sunny spot. If you’re using an alternative to natural light, you can use fluorescent light as well. I’m watering about once a week and it’s sitting in a sunny position so I don’t think that’s the problem... any tips would be appreciated! This plant is easy to grow if you get the positioning right. :-).

Hi Carol! Related: Best Potting Soil For Indoor Plants. If you are feeling adventurous, you can sure try to make peperomia tolerate these conditions.

The entire plant is completely edible and the taste is coriander-like. Once you succeed in propagating them, you can use them as gifts to your friends and family. Although they are not very attractive, the flowers sure are beneficial to you. Its bushy appearance and non-woody purple stems will brighten up your outdoor garden as well. It’s a slow-growing plant so it’s great for limited spaces. Ironically, the same thing will happen if they stay wet for too long. Is there enough calcium in it to correct this issue? This way, you are recreating greenhouse conditions for your plant. Ideal in-door locations for growing are bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. There are some species (around 17 of them) that thrive in Africa, as well. Watermelon peperomia is one of those easy to grow plants that will make you believe you can be a horticulturist. All peperomia species love pruning, so you should do it for the first time when it reaches approximately 40 cm in height, and continue every once in a while. I’ve also written about the gorgeous Peperomia Ruby Cascade and the rare Peperomia perciliata that I planted in a terrarium. Black leaves can be a sign of other infections (Cercospora, Rhizoctonia, Phyllosticta), so it is essential that you remove the pot from the other plants in your household since many of them are contagious. Actually, watermelon peperomia is great for the newbies when it comes to propagating plants. I hope this article has helped you gain a greater appreciation of Watermelon Peperomia Care. There are a lot of Peperomia species and cultivars, and they differ very much in appearance. People purely do it to prevent overgrowing and control the shape of the plant. So they are basically pepper-resembling plants (also, they are related to pepper). If not, repot it into one that does. Also, be aware this kind of infection can be pretty stubborn and persistent, so you have to be as well while treating it. The plant is native to South America and makes an excellent houseplant for new plant parents. Now we are getting to some of the most critical care tips for Watermelon Peperomia. I lost five this morning.. any suggestions?

All you have to do is pluck a healthy leaf near the bottom of the stem and place it in a water container in a sunny position.

In my most recent project, I added orchid bark to a potting soil.

Hopefully my Watermelon Peperomia is on it’s way to being a healthy plant!

Alan says: September 5, 2018 at 4:35 pm Hello, thank you. You need to have multiple things right (watering, soil mix, light, etc) in order to truly have a thriving houseplant. Watermelon peperomia, or Peperomia argyreia, is a beautiful foliage houseplant named after the fact that its leaves resemble watermelon rinds. Pruning the plant makes it grow even more leaves, as it liberates the plant from the rotten leaves, giving more space and oxygen to the healthy ones.

This method is supposed to produce pups more quickly, but I haven’t tried it myself.

Then, let the plant soak itself, the steams can become “leggy” and the leaves small and blunt, indicating your plant is not getting enough sunlight.

Before propagating, always check whether your plant is healthy and without pests. Although this plant is mainly grown for its foliage, it is a flowering plant.

If the leaves have turned yellow, relocating the plant will usually help you. Here’s a Long-Lasting Houseplants List, Calathea Makoyana – 10+ Things to Know About Peacock Plant.

Subscribe now … It contains a soil that is partially mixed with already decomposed sphagnum moss, which is harvested from the peat bogs. If you look on the label, it even has instructions on what to do for nutrient deficiencies if I remember correctly!

Watermelon Peperomia care is relatively stress free as the plant, like Mother In Law Tongue and Peace Lily, is one of the most low-maintenance houseplants you can get, requiring only temperate light to grow. The conclusion is that people use its leaves and even stems for this purpose. If the leaves are looking dull and yellowish, it means you have overwatered it.

If you don’t have a lot of space indoors, Watermelon Peperomia would be an excellent choice. Since this is a plant that grows on the floor of a rainforest, it is obvious you should keep it away from the direct sunlight and make the soil very humid. If you feel like researching and trying out new flavors, there are many recipes throughout the internet that include peperomia. When repotting, make sure you use new soil (but well-prepared earlier), so it provides beneficial nutrients. I have all 3 items on hand at all times because I like perlite in all my mixes. Like I said…no one grows these plants for their flowers!

Because drainage and oxygen to plant roots are vitally important! Don’t forget about the positive effects greenery has on our eyes and brain while working or studying. It is also known as peperomia Argyreia (Latin for ‘silvery/) and watermelon begonia (although it’s not closely related to watermelons nor begonias).

Do you know why my new leaves are twisting as they are growing? The stems that produce flowers are also pretty small, usually around 5-7,5 cm tall. How much direct sun is it getting? If placed around other indoor plants can greatly help to sustain the humidity. For example, in Brazil, it is considered good luck to get this plant as a gift. After that, provide moderate light to it and only water it when the top layer ( half inch) is dry. I recommend that you remove the top layer to keep excessive salt from accumulating. Simply wait until the surface of your soil is dry before giving it a thorough watering.

Beautiful handmade planters, self-watering systems, intelligent kits, and much more! Whether you believe it or not, you can eat peperomia as well! Propagate from stem cuttings – cut them just below the third pair of the leaves (counting from the top). If you buy them during the winter, make sure to keep the plant warm on your way to your home. You can place Watermelon peperomia in a planter with other indoor plants because … Talk about putting a positive spin on things….

Some fungal diseases such as Pythium can even kill your plant. In this lipstick plant care article, you’ll learn how to care for a lipstick plant, see…, This Venus fly trap care sheet covers everything you need to know about caring for a…, This article on aeonium care gives you all the background, indoor plant care tips, best varieties….

These plants are well suited to larger Northern exposure windows, and Eastern exposure windows as well where they would receive some morning sun. If this is not enough to remove them, you should use some of the insecticidal sprays or soaps to remove them. These plants come from the tropical regions in northern South America. Let the soil dry and try not to get any water on the leaves, as it may cause the rottenness at this stage.

Peperomias are often called “radiator plants”. Subscribe for a future 10% off the whole order! I just started using the Dyna Gro fertilizer you use.

If all you have is a window with a lot of direct sun, you may …

The fertilizer used should be half the strength of the recommended label. You should try to fertilize it once a year, and use mostly light and natural water-soluble fertilizer. A few months later, here is the same pot (and this is also after neglected to water it a few times!).

Use your hands to gently pressure the soil that is located around the cutting it.

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