It is a 3/4 diameter 14" long scope with a slightly larger eyepiece. Then again, I don't take my squirrel hunting too seriously. I disassembled (on a dry day), cleaned and reassembled the 1950s Weaver scope I use on my Marlin 29A Mountie. Old B6 Weavers were not in the same league as target scopes, but remember, the old Weaver 330 was used as a sniper scope on the 03 Springfields, and worked well! View cart for details. Search suggestions. I have an old B4 on my Marlin 81 DL. Weaver K8 and K10 Series 60 Brochure. The problem with the B6 is the tube diameter, which is a problem with all the old small tube scopes. Mr. Weaver’s first scope was a small 3/4″ tube model that had a simple 3 power. Weaver also made a 7/8 tube scope that was the 'J' series AIR, and I believe they may have had some other 7/8" models as well.

from 19.00. TPC Rating: 0% . TPC Rating: 0% . Weaver scopes use quality optics that provide for a sharp and clear picture. I went to Wisners for a new inner mag tube, but I never used the rifle much because I couldn't see through the scope very well. "We have met the enemy and he is us." The scope is real hazy looking through it. Lorsqu'un objet est mis en vente dans une devise autre que le Euros, le montant approximativement converti à partir du Euros est indiqué en italique. View Now. I have a G-6 [I think} and it to is fuzzy and it appears to me that the objective lens is actually two lenses glued back to back and something [fungus-mold or something has defeated the glue which secures them and has formed an almost metallic looking layer between them which is making the fuzzy effect,i would seperate them but I'm afraid of breaking one of the lenses in the process .it is an interesting piece I would like to see working again. the B's were intended for rimfire rifles, probably the least expensive Weavers.

Thank you for visiting our website. The optics of a B6 were no different than the other Weavers of that era, including the 330.

Anyone know anything about these scopes (vintage, quality etc)? It is possible the haze is etched there by fungus, or maybe is glue separation for those elements cemented. This is not a bolt carrier. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. All Weaver scopes are built tough to be shockproof and waterproof. View Now. I found one at the local gun emporium in nice condition and thought it might look nice on a martini due to it's extreme length. I have one on a Stevens "Favorite" .22 and it works & looks great as a squirrel rifle. Manufacturer: Weaver; Manufacturer ID: Product Code: 126001-G4 Availability: 0; Price: $49.50 Ex Tax: $49.50; Out of Stock Notify Me When in Stock. Add to Compare. Weaver K8, K10 Brochure.

About Us.

Weaver Optics produces quality American-made scopes for various uses, from short-distance pinking with your .22 rifle to long-distance shooting with a big game rifle. Weaver… The old Weaver scopes -- all steel and glass -- are imminently repairable. I have a couple of them. Two quick points (I took apart my B6 today and posted a how-to), the lenses used are uncoated so there's nothing for a fungus to eat other than glass, and the lenses are one piece. View Now. The company was originally called W.R. Weaver Company and was started in 1930. View Now.

The top dial controls the vertical axis (up and down) and the side dial the horizontal (right and left). Parallax error is an optical illusion of false target movement, caused by minor shifts in the shooter's line of sight. Adjust the objective bell located at the far end of your scope to the distance of your target to compensate for parallax error. Something went wrong. The horizontal and vertical axis of your cross hairs can be adjusted with the dials located on the top and on the right-hand side of your scope. Keep this in mind. Scopes, Sights, Rings & Mounts, and Other Optics. In that same year, Weaver also offered the Model 333 scope for .22 rimfire and .22 Hornet rifles for $7.75. Slide {current_page} of {total_pages} - You May Also Like. My question is this: I have a vintage Weaver B6 rimfire scope that is pristine and with surprisingly bright optics. Weaver scopes are all variable power, meaning they have an adjustable magnification range; for example, a 3 x 9 scope has a magnification range of three times to nine times. New and Used stock. My B 6 was on my Marlin 39 A bought used in 1962  Looking through it now wonder I ever hit a squirrel. All Weaver scopes are built tough to be shockproof and waterproof. from 10.00. Sight in your weaver scope by adjusting the cross hairs to the projected point of impact of the rifle's bullet.

Overall very good condition. VINTAGE LYMAN ALL WEATHER CHALLENGER 4X SCOPE WITH WEAVER RINGS AS IS After machining custom mounts to mate it to the existing holes on the top flat of the barrel, do you think that the *****-foot recoil of this load will wreck the scope in the long run? I can't recomend them for use today. Instructions for Weaver B4, B6 Scopes.

from 20.00. #9 07-21-2010, 01:08 PM shootrj2003. The power setting is adjusted by rotating the variable power ring located on the end of the scope closest to the shooter. This is not a receiver. Notice: We are a "Mail Order Only" company and do not have a show room or location for the public to pick up merchandise. Un problème est survenu. There is a lot better out there. Modern scopes are semi-permanent assemblies -- once they leave the factory, they are are not repairable once they break. The only thing wrong with the rifle and scope was the fact that the scope was very "fuzzy" from being dirty and the inner tube on the 61 was bent. If anyone else needs an older B4-J4 or B6-D6 Weaver scope cleaned, Send me a PM to discuss. View Now. Weaver K1 Brochure.

The overall condition is very good with the metal surfaces retaining most of their original blue finish with light wear and the optics needing a good cleaning. Adjust the magnification setting to your desired power.

Cool. No multi-element lenses used in a B6. Introducing Our Military VIP Program . Deals; Login Shop Our Brands. Weaver scopes are produced with variable power settings so you can adjust your magnification to meet your current needs. Location: Pine Bush Huguenot N.Y. Posts: 1,242 . What does it usually cost? If you can read this in English, thank a U.S. soldier. fixerupper, one of our fine members offered to take it apart and clean it for me. Il se peut que les données sur le nombre d'enchères et le montant ne soient pas à jour. Learn More. Pour un taux de change plus à jour, veuillez utiliser le. Weaver scopes are produced with variable power settings so you can adjust your magnification to meet your current needs. I bought the old B6 scope on a nice condition Winchester 61. If anyone else needs an older B4-J4 or B6-D6 Weaver scope cleaned, Send me a PM to discuss. External Thread Round Top. Weaver First Gen K Series Turret Cap. As far as the 330's on 0303's they did  use them but if you look at the old reports nobody had anything good to say. Pour connaître les frais et options de livraison internationaux, consultez chaque annonce individuellement. They don't gather enough light for serious target work, or work in low light situations. The company was originally founded by William Ralph Weaver in Newport, Kentucky. The scope is not broken, just hazy.

Peter Timm has been writing since 2002 for both print and online publications. Bushnell RCBS Weaver Primos Butler Creek Champion Hoppe's Search suggestions. This is not a serial numbered part. The dealer was a friend of mine and he sold the combo to me for $400. I have used ABO several times in the past. Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time . Weaver Model B6 6 Power Rifle Scope w/ Mount. Weaver Model B4 and B6 Flyer. 10,51 EUR; Achat immédiat +21,97 EUR de frais de livraison; Provenance : États-Unis; Formalités douanières et suivi international fournis. Weaver B6 scope. Mount Charts. EBAY: This is not a gun.

We provide original gun parts, collectible firearms, and related merchandise with integrity, quality, and service, which are the strengths of our business. Weaver KV Series 60 Brochure. Download the below PDF to get mounting … View Now. Weaver K Series Instructions. Timm earned a Bachelor of Arts from the New York Institute of Technology in 2008 and emerged a technically astute writer. Correct your scope for parallax error. Weaver Model B6 6 Power Rifle Scope w/ Mount. Sight in your weaver scope by adjusting the cross hairs to the projected point of impact of the rifle's bullet. from 15.00. Weaver Model J Brochure. Formalités douanières et suivi international fournis, VeRO: Programme de protection de la propriété intellectuelle.

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