First, there are many ways to hang an axe; the steps I take and the way I do things are going to be different than others. When No representations are made as to the completeness, accuracy,

Trim up the excess wood handle including the wedges that are protruding from the axe head. Hanging and Wedging a Wooden Handle, Part 1,, First, you can hit the axe head with a mallet or dead blow hammer, striking the bottom until it comes off the handle. Never So the more wood that contacts the walls of the eye in the tool head, the better fit and longer it will last. I size up the wedge length in relation to the eye length and mark the length where the wedge would completely fill the eye. NEVER properly used hand-axe is the safest of all edged tools; it is You'll also want to mark the handle so during the shaping process, you always orient the handle in the same direction. While this is the norm with North American tools, this is not the case in other parts of the world. Feel free to set the bottom of the helve on a hard surface and strike the wedge until it’s flush. Most of the time, the wedge that comes with the handle will be adequate, as is the case with this Hults Bruk handle I received. however slight the damage. I cannot claim to be an expert in the field, as I have hung only ten or so tools in my lifetime, but I promise to be as transparent as I can and let you know what I have discovered during my basic research on the matter. After all, the old handle will be replaced as soon as it's out of there. In cases where the tool’s head is of light to intermediate weight, it is perfectly ok to wedge it with one wide wooden wedge. Drive the wood wedge as deep as it can go. That means working away from the center of the

If you are to insert a wooden wedge you have to create a kerf.

Grinding For The kerf is the space that you drive your wedge right into and you can create it by sawing off the wood at the middle parallel to the eye of the axe. Let it dry for a few minutes, and make sure to wipe off the excess with a paper towel or lint-free rag. Adding the wedges diagonally can help improve stability. To The goal is to remove the high spots so that the tool head is touching the all the way around the handle so there are no gaps. Generally speaking, axes are designed to be tough and hardy. So, if we wish to learn from the practices of the tool manufacturer and hope that at least they have some solid strategies, I can tell you and will back it up with pictures, that their approach is sometimes inconsistent and varies between different makers and countries. the latter method is undoubtedly safer and more practical for Scouts. When I installed the wooden wedge, it moved on me slightly and created a gap near the poll. But there is foreboding danger into that because the axe can possibly fly out from the handle and endangering other people nearby. Holding the … on Introduction. It is a thin viscosity liquid designed to fill in loose gaps. About: I'm a husband and father that loves working in the garage. Using a wooden mallet is preferred, though I’ve used a hammer and sledge before. sharpen the blade, hold the handle in the right hand. This premium Broad Hatchet by Council tools is hung correctly. leaving it in a log make sure that the axe handle is never

Due to the fact that handles can be replaced fairly easily however, this is only recommended if you're strapped for time and need a new axe in a hurry. safer if you use a stick of wood to hold the upright in place. sharpen your axe before you put it away. An axe handle wedge is simply an object that is driven into the kerf of the axe handle to tighten its hold onto the hole.

Head. not be over confident or careless, If Click here for information about ordering replacement axe handles online.

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