Some basic principles: 1. With an east-west facing house, the intense heat will be concentrated on the front and backyard, discouraging yard time with loved ones. Our custom troweling tool and expert instructions allow you to curb it yourself and save a ton of money. A flat roof with a parapet with or without a rooftop patio section is one possible way to go, that would have issues significantly different from low-slope single plane shed roof, which would also differ from a somewhat higher pitched gabled roof, but any of those could fall under "...southwestern type home...".

Pros and cons to each but definitely the east facing backyard here is the favorite.

In sunny AZ designing for rooftop PV solar can be extremely advantageous. You've managed to minimize the area of your north and south windows, and you've managed to maximize the area of your east and west windows, with the west-facing windows being the largest. My sister's backyard faces directly west and she has to have huge sun screens on her back covered porch you have to lower until the sun goes past the trees.

Okra can take the heat as well. In our area east facing backyards are the popular thing.

I landscaped so the yard to the south of the house like a woodland scene. It was a mistake putting too much glazing facing west views, one window was too large (solar gain in summer a problem). I’ve listened to suggestions and compiled the best ways to deal with a west facing patio. It shouldn’t surprise you that the only way to truly eliminate patio unwelcome brightness and heat is to provide proper shade. Of course, you want to specify windows with a very low SHGC. With that being said, here are the options that stick out for the Captain.

All Pro Shade Concepts is Phoenix’s most trusted when it comes to sun screens. There’s a decent sized hill to the southwest directly behind me which may offer some additional relief.

This can cost as much as you want to pay — retractable patio shades can cost thousands of dollars. Who wouldn't want to save more money when you're running the A/C so often? We have lots of inspiration plus a video tutorial to recreate your own at home. But what if you don’t have something to hang curtains on? As you can see, there are many different options, each with varying levels of relative cost. North-facing windows and south-facing windows are much safer in Phoenix (or any climate where air conditioning dominates) than east or west-facing windows.

If budgetary concerns are important, I'd think about eliminating all those corners and different roof sections. Might suggest you install a larger light fixture with a bit more "oomph" at the door. The primary views on this lot are to the East. Was planning on a southwestern type home made from ICF, no basement. Observe the difference: Unfortunately, this can be a costly improvement to add. West windows are particularly tricky.

Zillow has 21 homes for sale in Phoenix AZ matching North Facing Backyard. The trouble I find with a west facing wall in Phoenix is that in winter it's shaded while in summer it's blazing hot. Hitting Net Zero Energy (or net energy positive, so you can charge your electric vehicles) with even a minimalist ICF wall should't be too tough in the Phoenix area. I like to write about all things related to outdoor spaces.

Whether you are looking, or already own a home, considering the orientation of a home is important. South facing windows are great in the winter, providing lots of light in the darker winter season, and not bad in the early summer, with the sun overhead mid-day.

Pressure treated wood often has active chemical ingredients inside of it that make people question whether or not they are safe to use in their gardens. A North facing house or an East facing house as per Vastu is the most preferred choice of most people.

As a general principle, the area of east-facing windows and west-facing windows should be minimized. If you have a western exposure and no natural location to put curtains, this is a tremendous alternative. I have planted a 'spiny plants' garden along my house's west facing wall - mostly agave but some others as well. Hopefully I’ve prepared you to go forth and tame your western exposure. © All Pro Shade Concepts 2020. 04-13-2017, 10:24 AM Zippyman : Location: Phoenix AZ. Armed with that info, you can easily call that stone yard to see if they have the same stone in flagstone and check the price per ton or however they choose to sell it. They'll take that west sun during the cooler winter months - all day long! Well, I'd have to say, looking at your proposed elevations, that the orientation and window sizes demonstrate the worst possible approach for your climate. Homes facing North or South wouldn't experience heat gain from a hot west sun. You’re primarily heating the interior of your home up through doors and windows.

What Kind of Arizona Businesses Need Shade Solutions? You’ll need to plant them, take care of them, and make sure that they reach adulthood. The longer the wall is exposed to the sun, the hotter it becomes. I've attached pictures of the first floor plan and the elevations, these were my initial ideas.

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