It teaches the individual their role within society as well as what is accepted behavior within that society and lifestyle. This process is the way in which we obtain and transmit culture.

The six things of culture that are learned are: technological, economic, political, interactive, ideological and world view. Everything people do and say provides cultural transmission in all aspects of life. The individual can become an accepted member and fulfill the needed functions and roles of the group. George Gmelch and Walter Zenner, eds. Zmago Šmitek and Božidar Jezernik, “The anthropological tradition in Slovenia.” In: Han F. Vermeulen and Arturo Alvarez Roldán, eds.

Schultz, Emily A., and Robert H. Lavenda. The individual can become an accepted member and fulfill the needed functions and roles of the group.

Another big influence on cultural transmission is the media. Dakar, the capitol of Senegal located in Western Africa, has also seen its media become influenced through cultural transmission and Hip-Hop.

A common way members of the United States culture discourage displays of arrogance is simply by telling the younger generation that it is a bad quality.

Growing up in any culture, all humans go through the process of enculturation.This process is the way in which we obtain and transmit culture. Education is a social science that encompasses teaching and learning specific knowledge, beliefs, and skills.

As part of this process, the influences that limit, direct, or shape the individual (whether deliberately or not) include parents, other adults, and peers.

Parents teach their kids everyday how to behave and act by their actions alone. In contrast, enculturation in the United States teaches people to see this behavior as mean and wrong. Concepts of moral character, historical and contemporary, Enculturation is the process whereby an established culture teaches an individual by repetition its accepted norms and values, so that the individual can become an accepted member of the society and find their suitable role. Parents and other authority figures in young children’s lives are usually the initiators of this process, steering the children toward activities and beliefs that will be socially accepted in their culture. Each, separate translation of the meaning of hip-hop is an example of cultural transmission, passed from one culture to the next. Cultural Transmission is the passing of new knowledge and traditions of culture from one generation to the next, as well as cross-culturally.

The !Kung People diligently work on making a fire. The !Kung people use enculturation strongly to impress their cultural value of humility; in United States culture, it is emphasized less and it shows in the much wider acceptance of arrogance.

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