Temporary Suspension of Far East Loop 4 (FE4) The team is just continuing to perform at an outstanding pace. _____ 00 A6 2.8 Quattro Supercharged 02 Corvette Targa-Top 6-Speed 02 Escalade EXT Top #8432 - 06/07/03 10:46 AM Re: F51 vs FE1 vs FE4: … To help develop and manage its higher horsepower and torque output, and to reduce noise, vibration and harshness, the CTS-V features several modifications, including: CTS-V chassis refinements include revised front engine cradle to handle the high horsepower and torque from the V-8 engine. The LS6 was made possible by using the Gen III architecture introduced in the 1997 LS1. 4-door 5-passenger “Clark Kent” daily driver with Supercar performance. For more details on cookies please see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Terms. Converter technology is one of the good technical stories unfolding across all GM Powertrain that we were able to take advantage of. The ability to match the LT5 certainly generated a lot of enthusiasm for the team, I mean it’s another step, another level of performance in the history of the small block and the team was pretty enthusiastic about going after that. “For the Corvette, this additional testing is essential in validating the robustness of the vehicle for racing application,” explains Neal. At 385, last year’s Z06 was already in an elite class. It’s just one more step in a long and very storied and successful history of the small block. All Corvettes have the second-generation Active Handling system as standard equipment. By 1996pontiac in forum Brakes/Suspension/Chassis, By 1996pontiac in forum General Tech Discussion, By gleivas in forum Brakes/Suspension/Chassis, By GeddyLee in forum Brakes/Suspension/Chassis, By 04gpking85 in forum Brakes/Suspension/Chassis, FE3 vs. FE4 Suspension - Monte Carlo Forum - Monte Carlo Enthusiast Forums, KONI STRUT CARTRIDGE: TAURUS/TAURUS SHO/SABLE 86-95 (F) - 8641-1287 SPORT - DIRECT TUNING, KONI STRUT CARTRIDGE: TAURUS/TAURUS SHO/SABLE 6/92-95 (EXC. PTM enables the driver to fine-tune how much the stability-control system intervenes in Track mode.

The clutch-driven disc was redesigned, with the flange plate thickness increased by 20 percent – from 5 mm to 6 mm, The damper springs were redesigned to increase wind-up rate, from 33 Newton-meter degrees to 35 Newton-meter degrees, Premium alloy steel wire is now used for the damper springs. Fuel System: Sequential Fuel Injection We’re not going to do this thing if we don’t have a quality solution in hand. Gases flowing into and out of the combustion chamber pass by new hollow stem valves (shown at left). The Z51 package includes a dual-mode exhaust, which bumps horsepower from 490 to 495 and torque from 465 pound-feet to 470. For OHV V8 fans and the engineering community this is a significant milestone. The LS2 V-8 provides CTS-V with racetrack-proven performance, along with smooth, quiet operation and outstanding reliability, durability and quality. Assumed the stab bar referred to is front sway bar (Stingray doesn't have rear bar anyway). The Z06 and models equipped with the available Z51 package now have aluminum front stabilizer bar links for lighter weight. If you talk about imaging and brands and that kind of thing there’s nothing longer living, better recognized than the small block Chevy. There’s a lot of synergy in several areas, one of them is our Bill of Design. To achieve this additional power the engine received modifications including a revised air cleaner housing, low restriction Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor, lightweight valves, higher lift camshaft and an exhaust alteration. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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