The perfect underwear will give you all the support you need without any sacrifices in comfort. I like to go home and put a pair of shorts on and let things go a bit. If you have to be dressed up all day, there’s probably no greater feeling than coming home, throwing on some gym shorts, and letting it all hang loose. NO one is going to tell me to wear underwear. 25 percent of those polled admitted they go sans underwear at least sometimes. Which one do you think could become a woman’s fashion trend? The writer is a woman, yes? Men leak fluids after they use the restroom, which might cause some problems and even illness if without underwear. 5 Reasons You Should Not. I don’t even own underwear. But I usually never do. Going commando is a phrase that exudes nonchalant authority. idk the percentage..but ik some girls who will go commando if they're just in sweat pants around the house/sleeping. Sorry to all the men going commando, but that’s just a win-win. I go commando from time to time, but I'd be quite self-conscious if other people knew or could tell. Of down there is gross, maybe she is never touching such parts from her boyfriend/fiancé/husband. In public, I don't think I ever have. And sweat, thats what pubic hair is for, and again, most men shower. 1 0. Underwear serves a useful purpose which could give your boys enough support. I dont ever see guys tell women that they must or should do this and that. Are masks all the rage in high fashion now. Powered by Shopify. Eugene Lee, Head Chef at Brisbane's Indriya Restaurant, goes commando three times a week and always on Sundays: "There's something about Sundays that makes you want to be sexy. Four states are still in play to decide the US election - and Biden can win with just one of them ... read more, What celebrities wear under those red carpet dresses, Upgrade your style: 7 fashion tips for men, US Election Live: Election on a knife-edge as one state could deliver Biden the presidency, All passengers taken off a plane in the US because one flyer refused mask, US election live: Hope for Donald Trump after Joe Biden's lead in Arizona thins, riot declared at protest, Pre-1900 explosive bunkers found beneath mothballed Manawatū Gorge highway, Riot declared in Portland as protesters smash windows, Alarm bells rang for little Nevaeh Ager, but no-one came to her rescue, 4.5-magnitude earthquake hits Christchurch, 'I felt sick to the stomach': Mum watches video of teenagers assaulting her daughter on a bus, US Election: Biden pushes closer to victory in race for the White House, Quiz: Morning trivia challenge: November 6, 2020. Hemp fabric is moisture-wicking and breathable, so you can minimize sweat and maximize air down there, without your only option being joining the men freeballing demographic. It can be pretty liberating, for one. I have on rare occasions, but not usually. It’s one less thing to bother with and one less item to launder. Whether you forgot the extra shake after using the restroom, have a problem with after dribble, or are stuck in a hot room, there’s no reason to make yourself more uncomfortable by sharing your stains and spots with the world.

, so you can minimize sweat and maximize air down there, without your only option being joining the men freeballing demographic. Separatec is a major breakthrough in men's underwear, our final mission is to ensure men's health and well-being with our patented technology and innovative designs. But just like there are risks to women going commando, … It's peacocking.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. This thread is archived. But an alarming number of men are now going commando in public – not just in the comfort of their own home. After all you chose to be with him, for the person he is and not the person you can make him.

Men go commando all the time, so why shouldn’t women too?

Hygiene issues are a big problem for women going commando, but they shouldn’t be overlooked by men going commando either. But lounging at home in soft shorts is probably as far as going commando should go. You misspelled ‘coomando.’.

Love when a woman is telling a guy why he should not freeball. For that reason, we've created our "100% satisfactory" Guarantee. lol never that sounds a bit too risky plus i'd feel so uncomfortable.

Like they knew better than us what we have there. But there are other ways to reduce sweating and get more air down there than men going commando, like opting for. All the time since ten years old even now. For some, though, it's more than just convenience and comfort. maybe its more comfortable. When wearing underwear, and getting sweaty, the sweat was also in the pants. Lol I tend to do it when I'm going to be wearing something that would show pantie lines.. Or when I go out with my bff since we have a very sexual relationship.. Probably some strong words im using, but if you really love someone, you wont try to change them. he laughs. did you pants him?

Is it just me? Never miss a thing with GirlsAskGuys notifications on your browser. Actually, letting your boys hang loose is nothing like going to battle.

Will go freeballing. I go to bed out underwear,too been doing this for the last 4 year ad love not have underwear ,if u have not done this u will like it, mone and mone guy is doing this a lot . Hygiene is perhaps the most important answer to the question of why do we wear underwear. When going commando men sometimes leak a little after using the toilet, and then there’s the unavoidable sweating, and an overall warm and humid environment in your pants that’s perfect for bacterial and fungal growth.

At home I do, it's good for vaginal health... just like cotton is less irritating than other underwear material. But just like there are risks to. My guess is about 4 - 5% of the male populating goes commando on a regular basis. happygirl2 +1 y. MMMM I kinda like that, i dared a guy in school to do it and he came out of the bathroom and handed me his boxers .

I do wear underwear to work but when I get home it comes off.

And if Sharon Stone can do it on film, then why can't men do it down at the shops? is the result of skin rubbing against itself or rough clothing, which can lead to redness, rashes, and even enough discomfort to make walking painful.

3. There are certain times when it is acceptable for women to not wear underwear. 3 Reasons Men Go Commando. So what’s your take on the commando lifestyle? Plus, while your favorite jeans, pants, or shorts might fade or tear after too many washes, hemp underwear will only get softer! Believe it or not, there’s a reason other than gravity that male genitals hang a bit, and it’s to keep you cool. The soft stigma means many more men might be doing it than we first imagined. How imbearsing! All rights reserved. Plus, if you skip the skivvies, you’ll have to avoid trying on new clothes so that you don’t spread any unwanted bacteria. Girls going out, commando? You've had a long day at the office wearing a fitted suit, you get home, and decide to go commando for the evening. Never had any of these problems. I don't go commando under shorts or pants either.

More People Go Commando Than You Might Think, ... 25 percent of those polled admitted they go sans underwear at least sometimes. in men’s underwear, and are expected to continue doing so, is because of the support they offer. No one loves to do laundry, but compared to women, it’s probably a safe bet to say most men stretch the wear they can get out of their pants a little more. 1 decade ago. I love going freeballing .I go coomanando all the time love it but went I go to church,or dr. office I put on underwear. But without a protective layer of underwear and nothing between your pants and your stains and spots, things can get awkward pretty quickly.

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