If we are going to get past this and be better Americans, we have to stand for basic human rights for all. News, Entertainment, Sports, Reviews, Bio.

It is a statement with an agenda and unimportant to the discussion.

Among the things Prairie View officer Michael Kelley said this week that he wanted to tell a grand jury: Bland appeared to have marks on her forehead after a confrontation with... Connect with the definitive source for global and local news. Why? Bland's arrest and death, which was ruled a suicide, came amid heightened national scrutiny of police and their dealings with black suspects, especially individuals who were killed by officers or who died in police custody. Tag: Brian Encinia Now. Now he wishes he’d left well-enough alone;she might still be breathing. News, Entertainment, Sports, Reviews, Bio, (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}). Really, the man holding a taser to her face, who had just smacked her and has been belligerent and shouting inappropriately at her the entire time was the one provoked? AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Cellphone video recorded by Sandra Bland, a black woman found dead in a Texas jail following a confrontational 2015 traffic stop, shows for the first time her perspective as a... AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A state investigation of a white state trooper's actions in the arrest of Sandra Bland, a black motorist who later died in custody, found that the trooper was rude toward Bland and failed to follow standard procedures in his handling of the woman. How quick they forget! All we know about his family is that he is married and has a wife. No didn’t think so , so your so called white privilege is nasty until you’ve got to put your hand in pocket. Bland from her car in order to conduct the investigation more safely. Under progressive rules, you’re a racist. Got feel empowered to stir something up and if something happens, that’s when the lies and omissions come out, further complicating the situation. That would have been easy: Sandy! This should also mean that he can no longer be hired as a cop. News; Entertainment; Sports; Reviews; Bio; Search.

Essie Boulton another Memphis dumb racist in law enforcement that needs to be fired. And what of the dashcam? Three days after her Sandra was found hanging in her jail cell. They rarely do however.. because I’m white. Did it pick up on her turn signal or not? We do not know exactly where he is right now in 2020. Perhaps next time you encounter a LEO you should bend over and take it without any lube Surrender all your rights and then you can be “safe” from arrest. He had no call telling her to put out her cigarette in her own car. Encinia had arrested Sandra for a minor traffic violation on July 10, 2015. Educate yourself.

By PAUL J. WEBER and CLARICE SILBER May 7, 2019 GMT. Though not much about him is on the web some of his details are available on the biography of Sandra Bland biography on Wikipedia and some website also have his details. She had rights and he failed to observe them and now she’s dead! This is what happened when you meddle…an avoidable chain of events leading to a disaster. They were strangers to each other. You can lawfully order someone out of the vehicle, however it is only lawful when it is for safety concerns. Well, the exact information on the whereabouts of Mr. Even she knew what her rights were. Contempt of cop at worse. This is coming from a white person too!!!!!! Sad, sad outcome!

His attorney has said the #indictment isn’t #justified & that Encinia was looking out for his own #safety. Brian used to work at Blue Bell Creameries before being removed from his post of State Trooper. Punto. She had rights and he failed to observe them and now she’s dead! 1.)

She was clearly belligerent as 99% of blacks are when around cops or anyone civilized for that matter. In other words it was unlawful and he knew it or he wouldn’t have lied , funny you say he’s white but says he’s hispanic , well it says he’s hispanic, now what you have to say . wow this was so disgusting to read. HOUSTON (AP) — A federal judge formally has dismissed the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of Sandra Bland, the Chicago-area woman who died last year in a Texas county jail days after her arrest by a state trooper for a traffic stop that became contentious.

He SMACKED her in the face which is battery (I realize your simple brain may not be able to compute that) As of 2020, Brian has completely vanished from the media and public. HEMPSTEAD, Texas (AP) — A judge dismissed a misdemeanor perjury charge against a fired Texas state trooper Wednesday in a case arising from his 2015 arrest of Sandra Bland, a black woman who was later found dead in a county jail. Cops usually have you stand in front of the squad car, why did he intentionally ask her to stand on the side clearly far out of view of his camera? Also, he was downright rude and only exasporated the situation by not de-escalate the problem. Anywhere. YOU are not part of the problem, you ARE the problem, you jackass. He let the power of arrest go to his head because she bruised his little ego by defending herself against a perceived wrong. America is not free. I’m tired of hearingaccusations of playing the race card when history’s shown it to play itself for the past 400 years. Brian Encinia is a former Texas based trooper who was charged after Sandra Bland's death. He is an American who belongs to Hispanic ethnicity.

We do not know exactly where he is right now in 2020. It seems clear to me that this woman made it clear to them that she was going to sue them and would live the rest of her life comfortably on that money. May ALL Of Your Days and Nights Be Haunted By The Memory Of #SandraBlandSpiritWillLIVEOn #SayHerName #SayHerName #SayHerNAME, Your email address will not be published. Holy crap.. That isn’t even thinly veiled racism. You are one of the most ignorant and vile people I have ever come across in my life. And he’s going to enforce his will on people and forget mixing a little Sheriff Andy Taylor wisdom in there. Ya, it’s ok to be white, but it’s not special.

2.) How do you know for sure that she killed herself. She provoked him. It’s that simple and not that complicated! She was well with in her rights. The bottom line is…. Saturday, September 5, 2020; [email protected]; Facebook; Twitter; YouTube; Edailybuzz.com. Brian Encinia should also be charge for excessive force and false imprisonment. Had he performed his job correctly, she certainly would not have died in jail. Gee who knew.

I hope he never lives this down.

Color makes no difference.

1) She refused to put her cigarette out when told to do some by law enforcement. Remember, his department didn’t recognize his reason for ordering her out of her car, let alone hauling her to jail following a routine traffic stop, as lawful.

Update on Brian Encinia . Her death formally ruled a suicide is now ruled homicide. Your just a fool following the latest fashion of white self hatred. Do you think they killed her ? “White People are Amazing” is just stirring the pot to get a reaction. Screw you. Anyway, he’ll have to deal with the consequences of his behavior for the rest of his life. He asked her questions and he did not like the responses. Wouldn’t you be upset as well, if a police officer was treating you the way he was?

Some cops simply can’t stand to see anyone mind their own business happily on their way to a new job. However, the charge got dismissed later on a motion by prosecutors “in exchange for the trooper’s promise that he would never again work in law enforcement.”. News; Entertainment; Sports; Reviews; Bio; Search. News, Entertainment, Sports, Reviews, Bio. Before he worked as a trooper he worked as a volunteer in the  Brenham fire department as a firefighter for years. Where Is Brian Encinia Now? I’m a white woman & I am appalled at your statement.

As we know that, he is not active on any social media platforms, it is also sure that he is not active on Instagram. His attitude jumped up and bit him in the ass, he’s a marked man. got indicted on a charge of perjury as the grand jurors accused him of making a false statement in his claim. She provoked him? Update on Brian Encinia.

Posted on May 7, 2019 May 7, 2019. Have a nice day. Brain Encinia isn’t available as he has ghosted himself from social media. Her blood is on his hands. He was all set to send me to jail because I was too lippy to him. The Supreme Court decided in the 90’s that police can order anyone out of a vehicle for any reason on a simple traffic stop (I don’t necessarily agree with that decision, but a lawful order is a lawful order). I raised three boys (white). THIS IS BS! Brian Encinia.

All that is needed to be said is stop resisting, when usually is not the case. You saying “she was at fault, not the officer” just goes to show how deep your racism & entitlement runs. Now I am sure you’re one of those leftist self deprecating whites, but consider this: He was a brown, ie Hispanic. After arresting Sandra Bland Mr. Encinia made a false statement stating that he removed Ms. He got recognition from people after he arrested Sandra Bland who was hanged three days after this arrest. They couldn’t stand this and murdered her to prevent her from sueing. Don’t comply and get the full brunt of Johnny law, It’s almost as if different whites have different life experiences. https://abc7chicago.com/sandra-bland-video-traffic-stop-brian-encinia/7465372 I’m deeply sorry for the loss of Sandra Bland and the grief of the family. I got in a tit for tat with a Connecticut state trooper during an accident investigation. Categories Bio . Search for: Search. Posted on May 7, 2019 May 7, 2019. Instead you have Bland from Chicago and Encinia from Texas, one a man and the other a woman, one white and one black, one a police officer and one a civilian, one armed and the other unarmed. Such a very sad waste. We have not got a single piece of information about his parents as well as his siblings. She was not belligerent at first. He lied in his police report multiple times claiming his life was in danger, and that she reached for her cellphone after the confrontation making him fear she was going for a gun. Click to copy. #SayHerName #NoJusticeNoPeace #BrianEnciniaIsAStoneColdCriminal #OurNoneViolentActivistSandraBlandsVoiceWillNeverDie #SayHerName #SayHerName #SayHerName The Entire Waller County Law Enforcement Is Liable For The Death Of Sandra Bland!!! HE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN FIRED. He had no call telling her to put out her cigarette in her own car. Im white as rice and youre a moronic, disgusting, foul, racist pos. Most importantly, she killed herself. Hate those kind of people.

The words of just another bigot should simply be ignored. HEMPSTEAD, Texas (AP) — The family of Sandra Bland, a Chicago-area black woman who died in a Texas jail cell after a contentious traffic stop last summer, has settled a wrongful death lawsuit for $1.9 million, according to the family's attorney.

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