With Mike Fiona laughed more, she seemed happy overall. After witnessing Joe's abusive treatment of Karen, Ian stows away in the boot of Joe's car. In Episode 1 of Series 8 an army SNCO visits the Gallagher household and reveals that Debbie has been killed in action. As she continues to help clear Carl's name, Ian bitterly accuses her of caring more about Carl than she does him.

Maxine is one of the few people who is concerned about Carl's disappearance. Paddy starts a relationship with a dance enthusiast named D'reen (Cathy Murphy), and makes plans to emigrate to Cuba with her.

He may not have been the best man Fiona had ever dated, but he was by far better than most. Her cousin, Letitia Powell (Kira Martin) and her friend Aidan Croker (Robbie Conway) scheme to get Mary-Mae together with Chesney Karib (Qasim Akhtar). Fiona also once claimed to be proud that she was the only girl in her year-group during secondary school not to fall pregnant before taking her GCSEs. Kelly accepts this money, and they have sex in the living room, while Kelly's boyfriend and Paddy's son Shane look all over the nightclub for him. In an attempt to try to get closer to her father, she cooks him some dinner and cleans up his home. Craig appeared in 5 episodes overall.

She'd been dating Mike, but she was unfaithful to him with Robbie, the more irresponsible, partying-type brother.

When Ian prepares himself to kill the thug, Maxine and he find that he escaped from his bonds while they were conversing. Frank lets Stella play while he finally takes an active role in caring for Ben by finally holding him and changing him. As Ian looks on, Jimmy's sister hits Maxine in the head with a pool cue. Meet Ford Kellogg, Fiona's Last Love InterestFord Kellogg was Fiona Gallagher's last relationship on … Carl, Kelly, and Libby all feel suspicious of their friendship, especially when Libby sees Liam wearing a dress (Liam wore one of Debbie's dresses as it reminded him of her smell).

He and Mimi married on the last episode of Series 8.

In series 4, she employed murderer Jamie Maguire (Aaron McCusker) as barman out of fear of retribution if she didn't. In series 8, when the family received the news of Debbie's death in Afghanistan, Liam was willing to travel on his own to personally break the news to Fiona.

He was first seen in a club, watching Fiona dance with her friend Veronica Fisher (Maxine Peake). While giving a deposit to a sperm bank, Shane learned that he was sterile. From the first season, we watch his daughter, Fiona Gallagher, take over the …

But Ford said that he does not fall madly in love like a teenager. Although she is mentioned to be living with Yvonne during the first four series, even after her son leaves, Umi is not seen again after the fourth series, implying that she may have died.

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