I’m most passionate at work when I believe in what I’m doing and want it to succeed. The companies below represent some of the best that customer loyalty has to offer; from technology suppliers looking to create the next market disruption to brands looking to craft the most customer-centric experience possible. US grocery store brand Kroger uses their Kroger Plus program to grant automatic discounts on food and goods. Turkish telecommunications company Turkcell uses the latter approach by having separate loyalty programs for both young millennials and women. This loyalty service allows not just discounts and special offerings for professional construction contractors, but also handy services. Programs like these give customers something in the beginning then offer scalable value as they progress. However, they are just as likely to purchase similar products from competitors. Community based loyalty program’s strengths lie in their ability to tether together people in a specific community with like-minded behavior while sometimes rewarding the group as a whole with spread rewards points. A community based loyalty program links in with already established groups and communities within a localized area. Loyal consumers are what every marketer hopes to achieve. These customers are difficult for marketers to influence because there are factors out of the marketer's control that cause this latent loyalty, such as reduced disposable income or unemployment. She holds a Master of Arts in mass media communications from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. The top level rewards are enviable and the bottom ones are minimal but still useful to a wider demographic. Why should it matter? Businesses can feel free to pick and choose the aspects they think will benefit their sales and brand reputation. There were two distinct answers. She has worked for world-class news sources including Reuters and the "Daily Express." The program can be linked to health related fitness tracking applications like MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper, which use biometric measurements acquired from wearable technology to track distances run, heart rate levels and overall calories burned. They may seek the gratification of being seen to favor popular and fashionable items that are currently trendy, while at the same time they will be influenced by cost.

The idea of rewarding customer loyalty is not a new one. US hardware retailer Home Depot has a paid membership version with their Home Depot Pro Xtra program. Rewards have taken on many different forms over years, but all the while, they’ve maintained their core value – increasing customer retention.

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