Social Traits At The New Beginning in Osaka on February 10, he lost match #6 against Yuji Nagata. Yūsaku is a male student in Ryūji's class, and is his best friend.


In 2006, he won the All Japan Wrestling Championship in the 120 kg category, and later on in the same year represented Japan in the World Championships. ), one of the Four Legendary Heroes. He later found himself summoned to another world where the world reminded him of the game he played in his previous world, Emerald Online. Height The information and terminology on the article will be based on the source material rather than the adaptions. 北村元康

Because of his size and physique, he earned the nickname "Wrestling Monster". The clothing he primarily wears is a sleeveless tunic over his dark clothing. Ikuyo, in a fit of jealousy, stabbed Motoyasu as well, declaring that if anyone was going to be with him in the afterlife, it was going be her. X took his creative expression to a whole nother level after shaving his eye brows and dying his dreads gray.

Motoyasu has the most shuffling of the party members as he doesn't care much about the male members of the party and gives special attention to only the females, which is likely the male members are disgusted with his flirting habits before leaving while the females are kicked out by. Additionally, he wears leather gloves, leather boots, and a hood-like cape decor with Filolial feathers. Japanese Voice

[10] At the end of 2017, Kitamura took part in two tournaments held by NJPW; the 2017 World Tag League and the 2017 Young Lion Cup.

[9], On June 24, 2017, three months after his debut, Kitamura won the first match in his career when he teamed with Tomoyuki Oka to defeat Manabu Nakanishi and Tetsuhiro Yagi in a tag match. The Light Novel series is the source material for the adaptation of the Anime and Manga series. [4] Throughout his amateur career, Kitamura would go on to win three national championships and represent Japan on a global level twice. Prior to becoming a professional wrestler, Kitamura was a highly accomplished amateur wrestler, known for being one of the largest wrestlers in all of Japan.Because of his size and physique, he earned the nickname "Wrestling Monster". Light Novel He continued to believe in Malty and denied all of the reality. She had developed the idea of dying with Motoyasu and being with him in the afterlife. Nickname(s) He seems to be incapable of believing any woman could do wrong or be evil, heartless, or manipulative. English Voice [8] The day after that, he once again lost to Tonga and Loa, this time teaming with Nagata.

The bright purple color was mostly at the goading of my high school girlfriend, her 15 years old and I 17 years old at the time. In his third year of training, he developed an affinity for hepatobiliary surgery (which deals with the liver, bile duct and pancreatic areas), pediatric surgery, and minimally invasive surgery. Isn’t it clear I don’t give a f**k,” he said. Hair Color Current:・Legendary HeroFormer:・Street Racer・University Student

Motoyasu was repeatedly stabbed by both Momiji and Ikuyo, possibly dying from profuse blood loss. He later acts on his own in trying to save Raphtalia and Filo, without their consent, to free them from being Naofumi's slaves. ",, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, All Japan Wrestling Championship in the 120 kg category, This page was last edited on 13 January 2020, at 20:05. Portrayal Like Minori, he has an unusual personality, but often times it is an expression of his friendship and appreciation. As well as amateur wrestling, Kitamura took part in the 2015 Ganryū-jima fighting tournament, where he defeated a Mongolian Sumo wrestler. Arc 1, Chapter 2 He will believe anything a woman says without a shred of evidence. Kanji/Kana He worked on the first three games of the eponymous series as a planner and artist. He becomes unable to see women as anything but pigs and finds their "reek" disgusting, and enjoys spending his time surrounded by filolials. Volume 1, Chapter 1 The weapon in his possession is the Legendary Spear which was granted to him when he was summoned to another world. ・Spear Hero・Love Hunter

When Malty S Melromarc framed Naofumi Iwatani for rape, even though she had stolen his money and clothes (both of which she gave to Motoyasu), he believed her claims and became openly hostile towards Naofumi in her defense. At the same time, he changes from a skirt chaser to a Filolial lover. Human [14][15][16], "Katsuya Kitamura – 北村克哉 - New Japan Pro-Wrestling", "Katsuya Kitamura Wins the NJPW Young Lion Cup 2017", "NJPW's powerful Young Lion Katsuya Kitamura debuts tonight! Examples of this include his duel with Naofumi for Raphtalia's freedom, when he received a slap instead of a hug after he freed her from slavery and was called out for his hypocrisy, he defended himself desperately claiming that Naofumi must have brainwashed her. ・Shield Hero・Sword Hero・Bow Hero He also refused to believe Malty to have framed Naofumi, even after seeing all the evidence. Motoyasu refers to this world to be similar to the online game. Overnight, Trump’s signature flaxen hair had been replaced by a new bright silver shade. Additionally, his psyche is greatly warped to the point that he develops a fearless and bloodthirsty style of battle, without feeling any concern about killing or being covered in blood. His cocky challenges to Naofumi show this twice. Motoyasu Kitamura (北村元康, Kitamura Motoyasu?) It's mentioned that he is loyal to his allies. Xander Mobus. Toradora Anime Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. [5], Kitamura began training in the New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) dojo in 2015. Motoyasu Kitamura At the New Beginning in Saporro he lost his second match of seven to Michael Elgin and his third the following day to Juice Robinson. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He doesn't accept a fight unless he is utterly confident of victory.

He is a gifted pitcher who previously shown no interest in the sport of baseball, saying it sucks. He also paddles for a local canoe club. Raphtalia is quick to point out the flaw of his actions here. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [7] The following day, Kitamura teamed with Katsuyori Shibata and Yuji Nagata in a loss to TenCozy (Satoshi Kojima and Hiroyoshi Tenzan) and Juice Robinson. That is why the drama surrounding his hair. The story of Motoyasu Kitamura from The Rising of the Shield Hero. Dr. Kitamura is a firm believer in balancing his work and his personal life. 170 centimeters[1] [12] On January 5th at New Year's Dash, Katsuya began a Seven Trial series of matches where he would face seven different wrestlers. Volume 1, Chapter 1 In a certain episode of Toradora! Kitamura Motoyasu

Country & Dwelling The hair was the symbol of what God has set Samson apart to be and to do. Anime Note: The information in this article comes from the Rising of the Shield Hero Light Novels, which is the original source material. was summoned to another world to serve as the Spear Hero (槍の勇者, Yari no Yuusha?


Makoto Takahashi Filo-tan! ), one of the Four Legendary Heroes. Current:・Melromarc, Rock ValleyFormer:・Alternative Japan Gender Orange was summoned to another world to serve as the Spear Hero (槍の勇者, Yari no Yuusha? In the World Tag League, Kitamura and fellow young lion David Finlay finished last in their block after losing all seven of their matches. Katsuya Kitamura (北村 克哉, Kitamura Katsuya, born December 14, 1985) is a Japanese professional wrestler, bodybuilder and former amateur wrestler trained by New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), where he was the winner of the 2017 Young Lion Cup.

A member of the prefab team at the beginning of high school, Kou was the team's secret weapon. The full story was later revealed in the Spin-off Series where it wasn't the case of Motoyasu dating too many girls but him not being able to decide between two of them. [6], After undergoing further training, Kitamura wrestled his first ever professional match on September 1, 2016, at Lion's Gate Project 3, another dark match where he and Oka once again wrestled to a draw. [4] He attended Senshu University, where he was a part of their wrestling team. Yūsaku is a male student in Ryūji's class, and is his best friend. His first match in NJPW was not a traditional professional wrestling match, but rather a dark amateur wrestling exhibition at Lion's Gate Project 1, where he wrestled fellow trainee Tomoyuki Oka to a time limit draw. In keeping with the objectives of this wiki, only the antagonistic actions of this character will be noted. Akira Kitamura (北村玲, Akira Kitamura) is an artist and video game director who is the creator of the character Mega Man. [3], Prior to becoming a professional wrestler, Kitamura was a highly accomplished amateur wrestler, known for being one of the largest wrestlers in all of Japan.

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