If the bird was near, wait a few minutes, set up where you are and call. The hackling sounds of an irritated crow can make longbeards gobble when many other call-types go ignored. Elk season is right around the corner, and hunters across the country are preparing gear and equipment for their moment on the mountain. However, it will often work during the mid-morning and early evening hours as well. © National Wild Turkey Federation. It is used when a hen is fired up. When a lovesick gobbler is fired-up, one or two Hawwk sounds from your crow call will trigger a response. Part of my preparation has been talking to experts and reading up on Turkey hunting tips and tactics. Friction calls are easier than mouth calls to master quickly, and there’s no doubt they still handle the bulk of turkey … It's also the most used call when a hen is on the look for a tom, so learning this call as a hunter is vital. Then, when they are ready to leave the roost, they cackle. Good hunting. With so many choices available it is a smart question. I’ll admit it, being primarily a whitetail and waterfowl hunter, I have not done a lot of Turkey hunting in my day. If you are in the woods and hear the cackle, it is a good sign you got up early enough for the morning hunt. Crow calls seem to work well until about 10:00am or so. With some simple instruction from an experienced hunter or turkey calling video and a couple hours of practice, you will be making realistic turkey sounds with this call in no time. If it appears the turkeys have a headache from hearing all the hunter-initiated shock calling, then you may want to step things up and put some emotion into your owl calling. Not all turkeys answer shock calls repeatedly, some may respond only once and other may never give in. There are a seemingly endless variety of turkey calls, in several very different call types. Instead of walking and calling, Strelec will search for obvious turkey sign like scratchings, tracks or droppings and sit down and get comfortable. NEXT: WHY FOOD PLOTS ARE SO IMPORTANT FOR GROWING AND MANAGING DEER.

Every turkey hunter should carry a good sounding crow call with them throughout the entire season. The same goes for turkey hunting. If it draws no response and you know there are turkeys in the area, try the crow call next. A good hunting strategy for the fall is to scare off and separate a flock of turkeys, set up and use the kee-kee run to imitate a lost bird to try to pull in the more mature hens and toms.

Whenever you start calling in a new spot, start with softer calls and then increase your volume and the aggressiveness of your calling if you are not getting a response. The major limitation to the box call is its usefulness in wet weather. The yelp is a basic turkey sound, and probably the most heard sound from turkeys. Hunters that rely on a hen call to locate a longbeard instead of a shock call have a much better chance of getting busted. Hoot owl calls for turkeys certainly work. Locator calls are great, but you do need to employ a few simple techniques to make it work. However, if a tom does gobble only one time, it may be hard to figure out which direction the reply originated, here’s how you can make the most of the situation: Analyze the call. A little bit of hooting or barred owl laughing before daylight and right at dark can make a tight-beaked gobbler lose his mind. The key is to start your calling sequence low and gradually work toward a louder cadence.

Here's the key -- switch to the diaphragm call and give a few yelps. Rather, it often takes patience and experimentation with different calls to discover which one is going to work on any given turkey on any given day. Turkey Calls: My father used to describe cutting to me as a truck trying to start with a plugged fuel line. Blow it loudly and aggressively. When I was a Jake member at 12 years old with the NWTF and entered into turkey calling competitions, this was my favorite call. The more the bird gobbles, the better your fix on him. You never know what turkeys are going to respond to so come at them from all directions with the Team Pinpoint Locator Call Kit. No matter if you are calling, hunting or both, understanding the sounds turkeys make is vital in having a successful hunt. That said, here are some strategies and techniques to experiment with. If you're going to be calling this turkey hunting season, be sure to practice as much as possible, and remember you wouldn't want anyone laughing at your funeral. Get out of here, something dangerous is near!". At this point, Pileated woodpecker and Hawk calls will often outperform crow and owl calls. They do interact with each other within a flock. The owl call is the circulate-to call for early morning marvel gobbling. This is why it is important you understand wild turkey sounds and what they all mean. This is good for you, because continuing to work the call in repetition can prevent you from hearing the longbeard gobble.

Just remember, it’s what you do afterwards that contributes to or subtracts from your odds for success. Do something different, because you probably won’t call this bird in with standard hen yelps, even with a hen decoy. For new turkey callers, the slate/friction call is a great place to start. Terms of Use | If you can add movement to your decoys, the more realistic they will look to wild turkeys.

Today on Mossberg’s Rugged American Hunter series, Jason Cruise and Josh Thrash literally get underneath a bird by accident. Getting louder or even throwing some high-pitched barred owl laughs into the mix can be all it takes to force a stubborn gobbler to respond. The cluck is a call that is used by all adult birds, both gobblers and hens.

This season I plan to get out and try my hand at bow hunting for big Gobblers. You Can’t Run a Mouth Call. The boys would rather run with their fellow red heads. This is when most of the gobbling activity occurs.

We are covering some foundational principles that some hunters can overlook in using owl or crow calls to make turkeys gobble. The first trick in your bag should be to sound like another gobbler, but there's no single prescription that works the entire season. During the spring of the year, it’s actually not uncommon for owls to sound-off at noon and sporadically carry on conversations throughout the entire day. Switching gears and breaking away from the pack by trying a variety of lesser used shock calls is a great way to elicit a gobble during tough hunting conditions. On other days, you really need to put some emotion in your calling and try to emulate the sounds of a ticked off crow that has just spotted a turkey. Always respect a turkey’s eyesight. I like to see if the the resident crows can't do the job for me first. This sound is an indication that a tom, or jake, is excited and wants a hen. The strategy is to get as close as you can to the turkeys without spooking them off the roost. For some of you this will be old news and simply a review of the basics. Wait for them to come in -- they will. Add a little guttural sound by growling while calling to add the gravelly sound that really fires up gobblers.

You'll see more success if you do.

A turkey down in the woods gobbles whenever somebody slams a truck door or makes some other sudden loud noise. That way, if the turkey doesn’t come all the way in and “hangs up”, you’re might still get a shot opportunity. Generally, after a couple of hours of flying down from the roost, turkeys will start heading for higher ground — so for your second set up you may want to key in on ridges and slopes, unless you have seen or heard the turkeys elsewhere. There are times when a gobbler is close by and you didn’t even know it. When male turkeys don't want your sweet hen yelps, you need to rethink your hunting tactics. For a more complete listing of turkey calls and audio examples, visit http://www.nwtf.org/special_events/calling_contest_turkey_calls.html on the National Wild Turkey Foundation website. Crow calling for turkeys is popular. At this time, try starting with a few simple Yelps or Tree Calls and make them just loud enough for the nearby birds to hear. They call it a ‘Shock Gobble'. For your first setup of the day a good bet is to be on the edge of a field in a place where there will be sunlight. Most experienced turkey hunters recommend learning how to use multiple types of calls, because in a hunting situation you’ll have to experiment to find the call the gobblers will respond to. If it is, I welcome your comments, ideas and additions to this article. Some hunters add others, such as coyote, predator or pleated woodpecker calls. Aggressive and emotional calling also works better when gobblers are call-shy and have heard a lot of shock calls over the course of the season. The echoing tone of a Pileated woodpecker or whistling screech of a soaring red-tail hawk are definitely capable of generating some shock gobbles on a slow day.

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