There are assorted views on this subject, and ours is: Will Chemical Drain Cleaners Harm Pipes. Dropping an open bottle of chemical drain cleaner, or other accidents, can result in catastrophic injury from splashed chemical drain cleaners. 1. 3. Over time with frequent use, the heating and subsequent cooling can make these pipes brittle and prone to leaks. Lye can corrode aluminum so make sure that there are no aluminum utensils in the sink. A first aid strategy is to pour boiling liquid directly into the sink. An Enzyme Drain Cleaner Is the Best Solution. This post is about non-food grade lye. So, yes, chemical drain cleaners can cause damage to your pipes, especially when: You see, because they produce heat, chemical drain cleaners can warp or damage softer pipes like plastic and older metal piping. Sewer sludge, as it relates to your home’s pipes, is a build up of any or all of the individual sources below: As the build-up increases, the drain slows. Over time, the zinc wears off and the steel starts rusting. We also gave information on how to prevent clogs with regular maintenance-cleaning of pipes with Enzyme & Bacteria natural drain cleaners (that do not contain chemicals).

so ang lye water ay liquid sosa…”. It is easy to think the water is “boiling”.

Water boils at 212 degrees — PVC sewer pipes melt at 176 degrees. When using lye for unclogging the drain, remember that lye is a corrosive substance. We sell & install Rheem Professional Series gas & electric water heaters, and tankless water heaters. Using a plastic spoon, pour a few tablespoonfuls of lye directly into the drain hole. Here’s how to safely unclog drainage with lye. **  When a lye-based cleaner is used, the Lye decomposes most organic matter. ABS (black) plastic pipes were installed in new homes starting around 1972. You can flip drain cleaner onto your skin or into your eyes. Then, pour in about a quarter cup of water to disperse the lye as far as it can go. Homes in southern Collin and Denton Counties incur no additional travel-charges. Most homes built until the mid-1960s used cast-iron drain pipes. Lye is caustic and in old pipes can mean a bad thing, the best way I know of getting lines to drain better is the use of a drain cleaning machine, alot on here like chemicals, but I rearly think any of these chemical cleaners work.

There are DIY cast-iron skillet cleaning methods using lye on the intenet. Using rubber gloves is advisable. One important downfall to how chemical drain cleaner works, however, is that when the chemicals breakdown “FOG” clogs (clogs caused by fats, oils or grease) the clog material just moves down the drain. Toilet bowls can crack. If you read 10 articles on the internet, you will see 10 different answers. If you use them as directed, chemical drain cleaners may help to clear a partially clogged drain. Then, Speedy discovered pure lye in powder form. *7. Galvanized pipes are were dipped into molten zinc to make them last longer. If the chemicals can’t clear a clog, they end up just sitting in pipes, eventually gnawing through them and causing more harm than good. Broken glue-bonds are possible with frequent misuse of chemical drain cleaners. In the pichi-pichi recipe post, for instance, the following comment was posted: “Lye is harmful, ang lihiya or lye, ay sosa din sa english. Lye Will Attack & Can Dissolve These Metals: aluminum Click Here To Watch Lye Destroying Tin Foil: Lye Destroying Tin Foil; zinc; Note: Glavanized Steel or Cast-Iron Pipe has a thin layer of zinc to keep it from rusting.

They are designed for maintenance of the sewer lines, not to clear clogged lines. It’s available in just about any hardware store. Just contact us and we’ll send over a reliable plumber who can clear your drain fast. Avoid inhalation of the stuff. The 3 different types of chemical drain cleaners include: All the above drain cleaners are designed to complete an electron-transfer process-meaning the chemicals in the drain cleaner either take away or give electrons to organic substances (aka the hair, grease, food, etc that’s clogging your drain). In time, the build up can clog the drain completely. Then, pour in about a quarter cup of water to disperse the lye as far as it can go.

High temperatures can possibly increase the softening effects of the solvents used to connect PVC piping. Heat will soften PVC pipes. Once the first area of the pipe has been cleaned, the bacteria & enzymes moves further down the pipes in search of additional food. C-109. Damage. We are near your home in Plano, Allen, Frisco, and McKinney Texas. They break down the waste and run it out of your system.

We were living at my mother’s house at the time, that house is almost my age, so the drain pipes were not exactly at their prime anymore. Enzyme  of drain cleaners does not have chemicals. Larger concentrations and / or longer times violate “When Used As Directed”. Below is a list of metals lye will damage or destroy. *4  The bubbles of hydrogen gas agitate the mixture to help dislodge the clog. If not used as directed, there may be increased risk of damaged pipes. The bacteria & enzymes won’t eat non-organic items like sewer pipes. Most homes built before 1960 have cast-iron (vertical) sewer pipes. Even in a much newer house, it can happen. This method is great when you have a clog, but we’re talking about descaling the inner walls of the old cast iron pipes to get them back to their original state of flow capacity. Lower Heating Costs – 20 Less Common Ways – Part 1, Power Surges can Damage Everything Electrical. The cost of non-branded lye is only a fraction of the price of Liquid Sosa. It stands to reason that if Drano had the ability to melt PVC pipes, when used as directed on the label,  the company would have been subject to Class-Action lawsuits. Copper exposed to high humidity often turns green. PVC pipes can soften and eventually break. That heat then breaks down the clog until it can flush away. But, over time, a more aggressive solution is necessary. Making a simple mistake while using chemical drain cleaners and you could severely injury yourself. And from this electron transition, heat is produced. So, we’d buy Liquid Sosa.

Piping that had not already failed will do so in the future. Enzymatic drain cleaners are a safer alternative to chemical drain cleaners.

TX State Board of Plumbing Examiners M-38450, Copyright 2019 Home Pro Plumber | All Rights Reserved. Sec. By the late 1980’s PVC became the only sewer pipe used in most new homes.

4. The kitchen sink takes a lot of punishment. Pour it and forget it. The 1.5 inch pipes in my building are galvanized.

Although dishwashing liquid will get the grease off the utensils, it won’t flush the grease from the drain pipes. PVC is a white or light-colored, highly durable plastic that has shown a history of outlasting all other pipe materials. This article’s goal is to set the record straight about chemical drain cleaners, and to put a spotlight on any danger they present. Yes. – The International Plumbing Code (IPC) Says: “ABS pipe and fittings are not approved materials for use.” *9  Most local municipality codes match the IPC. But if you want to outsmart the system, remember that there’s a much cheaper alternative. This Article’s Summary Answers Are Just Below.

If you’ve tried the above mechanic and biological options (and maybe even chemical drain cleaners) but you still have a clogged drain, we can help. There are articles on the internet discussing cleaning stainless-steel using lye. This makes the drain-trap highly susceptible to clogs, as waste particles settle in the trap. The drain-trap (shown in the photo at the top of this article) is designed to always have liquid it it, to stop sewer-gas from coming into the home. We are near your home in Murphy, Rowlette, and Wylie, Texas. High temperatures have important effects on glued PVC pipe joints. If You Have Already Used A Chemical Drain Cleaner — Do Not Use Any Of These products. According to the Charlotte Pipe Company, PVC is the most widely used pipe in the world today. A Class Action litigation involved 5 of the 6 ABS pipe manufacturer’s brands: Centaur, Phoenix, Polaris, Gable, and Apache. Apparently, the price of Liquid Sosa has nothing to do with higher quality or superior effectiveness.

Typical examples would be using too much, or leaving it in the drain too long. You can mix it with water or, for maximum effect, you can pour the powder directly into the drain hole of the sink. Help With Clogged Old Cast-Iron Pipes. If you’re using lye to unclog a kitchen sink, clear the sink first. You can tell if your home has copper drain lines by looking at the pipes. THE BUBBLING YOU MAY SEE WHILE USING CHEMICAL DRAIN CLEANERS, USE CHEMICAL DRAIN CLEANERS EXACTLY AS DIRECTED ON THEIR LABEL, Health Risks While Using Chemical Drain Cleaners, A Simple Mistake While Handling A Chemical Drain Cleaner.

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