He resembles a purple frog-like creature with two antennae and one foot. She is best friends with Baby Dragon and in “Conserve the Dragon” she comes to be anxious regarding her close friend when he gets stuck on a cloud however the Wonder Animals return to save the day once more. It also analyses reviews to verify trustworthiness. They featured Linny going on adventures set to classical music. Little Bee and Slug are a pair of bug friends.

The Wonder Pets! Prior To Wonder Family pets, Linny starred in a few three-minute shorts on Nick Jr. titled Linny the Test subject, where Linny would certainly discover different environments such as the ocean as well as celestial spaces. and "Save the Crocodile! A baby dolphin needs the Wonder Pets help. series. 81. ", "Help the Cow Jump Over the Moon! Once the animal is saved, its parent or other relative appears to give grateful thanks to the Wonder Pets. It uses the Flash technology. They make a second appearance in "Save the Dragon," in which the Wonder Pets return to the storybook land to save Baby Dragon after he gets stuck on a cloud. ", "Help Little Bo Peep! and "Save the Hermit Crab! In “Ollie to the Rescue”, he aims to create his own team the Thunder Pets including himself and also his playthings, Rock and also Mr. Frog as they do not differ with him. [Wonder Pets] (Ooh!) ", and "Save the Rhino!". As a superhero, he puts on a white French sailor’s cap, blue Aquasocks, and also a red cape. ", "Help The Lion Cub! The danger escalates, prompting Ming-Ming to sing, "This is se-wious!" In some episodes, the Wonder Pets opt for a different mode of transportation by adjusting the Flyboat. • Linny the Guinea Pig (voiced by Sofie Zamchick) is a guinea pig who is the leader of the Wonder Pets and the oldest of the three. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It also uses drawn objects (not characters), so the total presentation could be considered animated mixed-media. ", "Save the Panda!" As a superhero, she wears an orange cap and a blue cape. These include Linny saving a baby penguin, Tuck saving a baby bluebird, and Ming-Ming rescuing a kitten. United States United Kingdom Ireland Australia

Ming-Ming is articulated by Danica Lee in the USA variation.

", "Save the Dragon!

", "Save the Visitor's Birthday Party! ", "Save the Kitten!

On December 27, 2006, the series started airing on Nickelodeon's sister channel Noggin. 62 (list of episodes) What are the Names of the Wonder Pets?

", "Kalamazoo", "Save the Black Kitten!, and "Save the Yak, The Pig, and the Dancing Bear!, "Save the Dolphin! My child very loves watching wonder pets. Ollie was initially voiced by T.J. Stanton in “Save the Skunk!”, “Ollie to the Rescue”, “Here’s Ollie!”, however is now done by Cooper Corrao in the USA version.

", and "Save the Mouse! ", and "Save the Dalmatian! Jennifer Oxley, who had joined Little Airplane as an animator, signed on as the director of the two shorts. Wonder Pets Phone Game is a new and popular Advergames game for kids. Description. Poor Baby Squirrel (Ming-Ming/Voiced by Danica Lee), The Wonder Pets (Instrumental) (Wonder Pets Orchestra), This page was last edited on 29 October 2020, at 19:24. and "Bee & Slug Underground!". Slug is a green garden slug who wears the top of an acorn as a hat. [Wonder Pets] (Whee! The solution is invariably similar to the action they will need to take to save the animal in trouble. All right!) and "Ollie to the Rescue! Please try again.

Linny is a confident guinea pig and the team's leader. 42. Baby Kitten is a Kittycat that lives in Venice, Italy that the Wonder Pets save in “Conserve the Kitten” after it ends up being caught on an item of driftwood floating in the canal. Save the Rat Pack! ", "Save The Rock Lobster! You can help The Parody Wiki by expanding it.This is a transcript for The Backyardigans and The Wonder Pets Meet Blue's Clues: Joe's Clues. ", "Save the Unicorn! The crew of Oobi was impressed with them and urged Selig to pitch them to a broadcast network. https://nickjr.fandom.com/wiki/Wonder_Pets! Ming-Ming often gives comic alleviation in the program, and also is the Wonder Family pet mostly most likely to use irony as well as mild mockery. 350 Views. ", "Save the Moose in the Caboose! "Save The Skunk Rocker! Original logo

Rating Wonder Pets Wonder Pets We're on our way To help a baby penguin And save the day [Ming-Ming] We're not too big [Tuck] And we're not too tough [Wonder Pets] But when we work together We've got the right stuff Go Wonder Pets, yay! Suddenly, the Wonder Pets remember how they solved the problem in the classroom and realize that the rescue has a similar solution. and "Save the Chimp! ", "Save the Dinosaur! Starring Cast.

Sofie ZamchickTeala DunnDanica Lee ", "Save the Beaver!

Play this Number game now or enjoy the many other related games we have at POG. However he is a horrible rescuer as well as the Wonder Family pets need to save Ollie with the Chipmunk he was aiming to conserve. Wonder Pets!

", "Save the Vixen! Linny the Guinea Pig (articulated by Sofie Zamchick in the U.S. version) is a test subject that is the leader of the Wonder Family pets as well as the earliest of the 3. Little Bee is a young bumblebee who is just learning how to make honey for her hive.

Before Wonder Pets! These figurine playsets have each Wonder Pet saving a different baby animal. As a superhero, she puts on a golden cap and also a blue cape. Save the Old White Mouse!/The Adventures of Bee and Slug! ", "Save the Pangaroo", "Save the Cricket", "Save the Cow" and "Save the Skunk", "Join the Circus", "Save the Rat Pack", "Fiddler Crab on the Roof", "Save the Armadillo", "Save the Visitor", "Save the Tree" and "Save the Elephant", "Here's Ollie", "Save the Hound Dog", "The Amazing Ollie! [ˈwʌndər pɛts] External links ", "Save the Pigeon! ", "Save the Kitten! ", "Save the Itsy Bitsy Spider! Selig called Nickelodeon "a great partner," saying "They're the company that first believed in us when we pitched Oobi, and then they believed in us again on Wonder Pets!."

At the time, Selig wanted to call the show The Super Singing Power Pets!, but it was renamed Wonder Pets! Ming-Ming is a somewhat egocentric duck. is an animated television series created by Josh Selig, who had previously created Oobi for Nickelodeon and Noggin. He knows a few English phrases but can only speak in short fragments. The series began with two animated shorts called "Linny the Guinea Pig," which acted as a pilot episode. Your email address will not be published. Little Bee is a that appears in the collection. She got voiced by Sofie Zamchick. She represents the developmental age of a five-year-old and is also the oldest of the Wonder Pets.

Save the Gecko!/Save the Hummingbird! Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer/Wonder Pets! The Wonder Pets. Try again.

", "Save the Crane! Once the classroom is empty, a pencil holder rattles to create the ringing of a telephone. The second pig appears in a photo in “Save Little Red riding Hood” as well as the three pigs appear in a picture in “A Task Well Done”. All three seasons of the series (62 episodes in total) are also available to buy on Amazon Video. series.

Ming-Ming also thinks that her great-grandfather was an eagle. What are the wonder pets names?

", "Save Little Red Riding Hood! Unable to add item to List. ", "Back to Kalmazoo! She could additionally speak “bird”, allowing her to speak to other birds that the Wonder Pet dog experience. Tuck is empathetic, often desiring to provide the saved animals a hug or maintaining them firm while Linny and Ming-Ming placed their rescue plan into activity. He becomes a good friend of theirs and invites them to his party in "Save the Visitor's Birthday Party".

[12], A good deal of the dialog is sung, so the show has been likened to operetta or singspiel.

Wiki­pedia Little Airplane Productions Nick Jr. Productions ", "Save the Dinosaur! [32] Toys include the Flyboat, figurine playsets, and plush animals. for a season of 20 episodes in 2005. Character name English voice actor MAIN CHARACTERS Linny: Sofie Zamchick [ˈlɪni] Tuck: Teala Dunn [tʌk] Ming Ming: Danica Lee [mɪŋ-mɪŋ] International … Baby Dragon and Uni are two magical creatures who live in a storybook in the Wonder Pets' classroom.

The producers claimed that Lee’s speech obstacle had an endearing quality which young children frequently mispronounce particular audios. It ran for three seasons and 62 episodes.

Episodes The two original shorts were completed and aired in 2004.

At the time, he wanted the cartoon to focus on a silent guinea pig who left her classroom to go on fantastic adventures, each set to classical music.

", "Help the Easter Bunny! Jennifer Oxley considers this technique her own invention and first used it to create lifelike transitions for Little Airplane's previous works. The series debuted on March 3, 2006 on Nickelodeon's Nick Jr. block. We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. ", "Save the What? (Backyardigans/Wonder Pets Theme Song & Title Card) Tyrone: Hi!, We're The Backyardigans. [15] Completing each episode took thirty-three weeks from script to final delivery.[16]. He makes his opening night in “Conserve the Skunk!”.

She got voiced by Danica Lee. Linny is the brains of the outfit, a fearless guinea pig who will do anything to help a fellow creature in need. The crew of Oobi was impressed with them and urged Selig to pitch them to a broadcast network.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Broadcast duration

She leads Ming-Ming and also Embeds most of the show’s key songs as well as usually has the duty of starting the “Flyboat”. The classroom is always decorated with student artwork and other items related to a given episode's particular storyline, featured animal, or geographic location. In March 2008, Fisher-Price began distributing a line of official Wonder Pets!

Nickelodeon Universe, a theme park inside Minnesota's Mall of America, also has a children's ride dedicated to the Flyboat. The adventures of a rhyming canine superhero. – Character 2083 Views. because the former name was too long. ", … /Three Wonder Pets and a Baby! He makes her 3rd appearance in “A Work Well Done!” in a photograph. Other titles [13], Selig first screened the shorts at the wrap party for Oobi's first season. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. ", "A Job Well Done! [14], The animation style used to create Wonder Pets! ", "Three Wonder Pets and a Baby! Linny is the protagonist of the Wonder Pets!

Usually, the pets encounter an obstacle before leaving the classroom. Required fields are marked *, What are the Names of the Wonder Pets? ", "Save the Sea Lions! After freeing Uni the Wonder Pet dogs attempt to leave from him but they eventually find that he is Uni’s buddy as well as exposes he was chasing after the Wonder Pet dogs only to educate them of his pal’s predicament. In addition to the DVDs and books, the show's self-titled track, Wonder Pets!, was released on April 10, 2007. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Wonder Pets! ", "Tuck and Buck", "Save the Dancing Duck! Production company

American English ", "Save the Three Little Pigs! ", "Save the Nutcracker!

He makes her first appearance in “Save the Unicorn” going after the Wonder Pet dogs as they are aiming to conserve a Baby Unicorn called Uni whose horn was stuck in a tree. [30] The soundtrack features songs from the show itself, including the main self-titled theme song. On July 6, 2016, the first 20 episodes were made available for streaming on the Noggin video service. Once dressed, they assemble a flying vehicle called the "Flyboat" from classroom objects: a disc for a body, felt marker caps as rocket exhausts, a marble, wheels, the mast, and a sheet of paper for the sail.

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