)�����?�\��p6�b� Nonetheless, we ask you to make your article concise and make every word count.

e..g A simple change to active vs. passive voice (a frequent fault of folks writing in the sciences) really shaves off words. I submitted my research article to T&F journal. I will consider. Boxes, tables and figuresThese should extend and substantiate points made in the body of the paper. Include two to three bullet points about how a reader might at an individual or organisational level improve their practice (e.g. Methods Many details like Figures, Tables and texts cannot be deleted easily.

We are not aiming to eradicate such interests across all article types in The BMJ. • In most cases, we will follow suggestions for preferred and non-preferred reviewers. Once our editors have made a decision to encourage a pitch, we will provde authors will a full, detailed set of instructions on how best to format your content. • Articles are then discussed at a regular analysis committee meeting where editors make one of three decisions: reject; reject with offer to resubmit; or provisionally accept.

We no longer accept unsolicited editorials via Scholar One; however, you are welcome to pitch us your idea for an editorial using this form.

Associations with commercial entities that could be viewed as having an interest in the general area of the submitted manuscript (in the three years before submission of the manuscript). Worked out examples that use specific methods under discussion can be included as additional boxes. Or what can I write in the cover letter ? The Journals have some regulations for title and abstract in the number of words but for the IMRAD depends of the instructions to the authors included in each journal.

To avoid any loss of time by submitting manuscripts to inadequate journals, in this websites you can try finding out the best solution. Editorials are usually commissioned. • Provide specifics about the evidence you discuss. • Submit a rapid response to the paper and email the corresponding author for the paper to request the relevant data.

We welcome junior authors, however, at least one author must be a fully qualified consultant or general practitioner in a field relevant to the topic. One author must be nominated as the guarantor of the article.

Please ensure that the structured abstract is as complete, accurate, and clear as possible and has been approved by all authors.

After completing the first draft, we need to ensure that no unnecessary content has been included in the abstract: In our next article, let’s look at the other ways you can further reduce the word count of your Abstract. It is important that we understand the financial interests of every author, and can judge to what extent we believe that they may be relevant to the article that you propose. and marked as such in the main text of the article). We require a data sharing statement for all research papers. • A short vignette which includes all information required to answer the question • If appropriate, invite the original author[s] to participate in the re-analysis.

The BMJ does not consider posting of protocols and results in clinical trial registries to be prior publication. Subsequent text is then generally divided into Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion and Reference sections, but deviations from this format are acceptable.

Questions to include three from the list below:

Please also let us know if you would not like us to invite specific reviewers to look at your work but provide an explanation for your request. “Analysis” is a distinct article type at The BMJ, and differs from other sections such as Research, Education, Editorials, and Personal Views. In your submission, please include details about registration: registry, date registered, affirmation that registration was prospective before enrolling the first patient (if applicable) and registry number.

Please also ensure that your manuscript, whether in original or revised form, also includes your written statements of competing interests and licence to publication. Will 5 pages manuscript be sufficient for such Journals? Checking your paper to analyze its distinctiveness (or uniqueness) is very crucial because your choice of words might be similar to other authors' expressions. If you are in doubt about the relevance of any potential conflict of interest please discuss with the editor of the appropriate section before submission. Rapid responses are not indexed in PubMed but they have their own URL and are retrievable in an advanced search of thebmj.com in perpetuity. TITLE: The phrase “living systematic review” should appear in the title. Look for places where you can streamline wording. It has academic heft yet is a journalistic read. Results We welcome authors or contributions from allied health professions and patient authors, and actively encourage authors from a primary care background. Am not talking of conference papers , I mean high Impact journals. What sort of case do I need?

Read through your text again. You will be prompted to provide the word count for the main text (excluding the abstract, references, tables, boxes, or figures) when you submit your manuscript. Usually limits are not that hard and fast--6700 is not that much longer than the prescribed 6000 limit (just a little over ten percent) and besides that number is typically a limit for the article itself rather than the ms including bibliography. Many scholars over exemplify the findings from the data generated and this takes a great toll on the general word count of their papers. Duration: We will typically host a living systematic review which is live for up to 2 years after initial publication. We also need the name of the author(s) of the obituary. The status have been "With editor" since a month.

* What are the potential complications of this condition? The Patient and Public Involvement section should provide a brief response to the following questions, tailored as appropriate for the study design reported: • At what stage in the research process were patients/public first involved in the research and how? * What are the practicalities of implementing new investigations or treatment regimens? This policy also applies on the very rare occasions that we publish work done with animal participants. These articles provide a basic comprehensive summary of a topic that the reader should already know something about. We do not accept obituaries sent by post, and neither do we accept handwritten obituaries. It should include the relevant experience and expertise of each author, his or her contribution to the paper, and the sources of information used to prepare it. "Relevant data" encompasses all anonymised data on individual patients on which the analysis, results, and conclusions reported in the paper are based.

The condition should be reasonably common (likely to present at least once a year to a full-time primary care practitioner) or is serious and delayed diagnosis is likely to worsen prognosis.

Please complete the online competing interests form before submission. In addition to the above, all of our articles have additional requirements which should be fulfilled before submitting. This paper/ study/ investigation… aims to; This paper + [use the verb that originally followed "aims to"] or This paper + (any other verb listed above as a substitute for “explain”) + who/what/when/where/how X. To ensure this, we aim to appraise the ethical aspects of any submitted work that involves human participants, whatever descriptive label is given to that work including research, audit, and sometimes debate.

Please submit online at http://submit.bmj.com. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH.

Seeking and processing fees will not delay editing or publication. In two or three single sentence bullet points, please summarise the state of scientific knowledge on this topicbefore you did your study, and why this study needed to be done. An abstract is a self-contained, short, and powerful statement that covers the main points of a piece of writing.

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