top: 50%; curious about the steps necessary to swap in a 04 fxt 5 speed into a 04 fxt equipped with an auto. I tried, as I had a 2006 STi donor parts car. General Overview for an Auto to Manual Transmission Swap: 1. } width: 40%; .fd-min757.fade,


75% { } These packages are designed for three types of transmissions:

While we would love to write out all the steps to do it yourself, there are literally so many combinations and variations we can't. This works for non Canbus cars only. 1. } I purchased my setup from a guy doing a complete WRX swap, so he sold me everything in one big kit. Our connector kits are designed for professionals and experts only, not your average home DIY-er.

Purchase iWire's Auto to Manual Transmission Conversion Connector Package.

transform: translate(0) .fd-min757 :nth-child(2) { It depends on what vehicle and what manual transmission. left: 0; min757.className='fd-min757'; 3. Common Cars Compatible for an Auto to Manual Transmission Swap: - All Impreza models from 2007 and earlier. width: 100%; It has to be ran directly to the cluster and ecu, NOT using the factory wiring. For a full write-up check out. background: #193B48 .fd-max322 { Generally they require the same parts with a few exceptions. Focus on the mechanical aspects and we'll take care of the wiring headaches for you. Subaru Auto to Manual Transmission Conversion Basic Overview, This post is a general overview of how to convert your Subaru transmission from auto to manual. I'm eventually going to post everything on my site, but haven't gotten around to it yet. new to foresters but not scoobs. JavaScript is disabled. 50% { These packages are designed for three types of transmissions: NA, Turbo, and DCCD. Capping the metal nipples on the auto FXT's radiator isn't a lot of work. var min757=document.createElement('div'); If you shop around there's no way you'll ever pay more than 1000 on an RS or WRX complete setup but this can be done for 5-700 if you try hard enough.

Wire in Cruise Control Clutch Switch. have 04 fxt 5 speed with trans mount, 4 cv axles, center drive shaft, fxt rear vlsd. .fd-min757 :last-child { - All Forester models from 2008 and earlier. min757.innerHTML='


I will not swap ABS pumps, but if I can swap the electronics portion of it an make it work, I may. Wire in the Starter Relay Plug and Clutch Switch for Starter Interrupt Plug. }

.fd-min757 :nth-child(3) { If possible, reflash the ECU to manual map or swap ECU to a manual model. We can customize your harness for whatever transmission you plan to use. GenVibe - Community.

animation: spin 2s ease infinite curious about the steps necessary to swap in a 04 fxt 5 speed into a 04 fxt equipped with an auto. background: #FDA543; Do it yourself with the iWire Auto to Manual Connector Package. Fitting a 6 speed to your WRX, Forester or Liberty. top: 0;

We've curated the necessary plugs and terminals needed for the swap but only recommend purchasing these connector packages if you already have a lot of wiring knowledge and skill. Ground the manual identification pin at the ECU. This option is best for Subaru enthusiasts not comfortable with wiring. var max322=document.createElement('div'); Leave the transmission computer plugged in, unless you swap to a manual ABS pump in which case you can remove the auto transmission computer. The starter relay plug needs feed and trigger from key. If that doesn't work, I will try to find the wiring schematics for the TCU and try to make something happen.

animation-delay: -0.5s

Find an equivalent bulkhead harness and swap it out.

This requires power, ground, and signal output. height: 40%;

25% { If possible, reflash the ECU to manual map or swap ECU to a manual model. Can i get my hands on the radiator caps from the dealer? transform: translate(160%, 160%) 100% { Tried to put as much of the STi into the FXT, and the radiator just wasn't happening. I got the motor with turbo, 6sp, ecu, rear diff, driveshaft, TMIC, and gauge cluster for $6100 to my door from a place called Nagano Japanese in Canada.

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After some digging, I realized it made the most sense and was cheapest to buy a complete V7 swap. left: 50%; } Yahoo Answers, AWD Vibe +manual transmission swap? @keyframes spin { position: absolute; Searched for thread didnt find one. .fd-min757 { - All Legacy models from 2004 and earlier. } 5. } Anyway, it just won't fit. Try to get the 6MT speed sensor with pigtail on it. z-index: 9999; i think it was mentioned to me before when i considered putting the sti radiator on my 94 touring wagon. I'm from NJ too. We wish we could offer a product to make this simple but because of the many changes in Subaru wiring between car model and years, we can't make a product that works for everyone.

iWire Auto to Manual Transmission Conversion Connector Package, This post is a general overview of how to convert your Subaru transmission from auto to manual. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I was going to put a stock EJ205 in but I still needed a good engine and I wanted a 6sp. height: 100%;

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