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The original rankings can be head-scratching to some, however, this can easily be changed by using the superstar or simply moving them up the rankings. With players less likely to have the same promo lines for multiple superstars, users can enjoy a more realistic experience and not feel as if they are reliving the same promos every show.

Players can also have certain matches exclusively for that pay-per-view event, i.e. Others might want to incorporate former championship belts into current shows to help add to rivalries. Players are also now allowed to be engaged in four simultaneous rivalries, giving fans more options when casting grudge matches. RELATED: WWE 2K22: 5 Features We Want Included (5 Things Need To Avoid). ". ".

The ability to move superstars up and down for title contention allows for players to have a greater variety of main events. RELATED: 10 Old Wrestling Video Games Actually Worse Than WWE 2K20.

having the WWE Championship as a Raw title only. The rivalries can vary in intensity depending on how you want your character to interact with other superstars on the roster, while tag team partners can have a fallout over a series of weeks. Title matches have also been expanded in pay-per-view events allowing users to have up to fourteen title matches in one show. Starts in May with MITB on the second week. Players can relive the Monday Night Wars and other iconic periods of time by pitting their favorite brands against each other.

This also allows for a more realistic and refreshing experience, rather than having the same stars ranked in the top ten. The World's Most Entertaining Car Website, The 10 Most Overpushed WWE Superstars Each Year In The '90s, The 10 Coolest Things You Can Do In WWE 2K20's Universe Mode, riddled with glitches, clunky gameplay, bad animation, 10 Old Wrestling Video Games Actually Worse Than WWE 2K20, Ranking Every WWE Video Game Of The Past Decade, From Worst To Best, WWE 2K22: 5 Features We Want Included (5 Things Need To Avoid), WWE 2K: 10 Legends Who Haven’t Been In A Game, Yet, 10 Wrestlers Who Don't Get Along With Eric Bischoff (& Why), The Young Bucks: Their 10 Best Matches, Ranked, Survivor Series: 5 Reasons The Concept Is Outdated (& 5 Reasons It's Still Relevant), Cody Rhodes & 9 Other Wrestlers Who Started Their Own Promotions, Undertaker's Last 10 Survivor Series Matches Ranked From Worst To Best, 10 Wrestlers Who Were Betrayed By Triple H, 10 Good Wrestlers Stuck With Bad Gimmicks, 10 Wrestlers Who Led Stables In Two Promotions, 10 Incredible Stories About The Iron Sheik We Can't Believe, 5 Female Wrestlers Who Were Better As A Heel Champion (& 5 Who Were Better As A Face), 10 Times Family Members Faced Off In Title Matches, 10 Best Quotes From The Undertaker, Ranked, 10 Tag Teams Who Won Titles As Both Babyfaces & Heels, Never Say Never: 10 Wrestlers Who Returned From Retirement, 10 Ways WWE Could Boost Its Tag Team Division, Shotgun Saturday Night & 9 Other Wrestling Shows You Forgot Existed.

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