The studio issued a statement to refute the rumors, but was questioned as self-directed and self-acted | Luju Bar, Huang Bo Xu Zheng“s The Wind and the Waves premiere and Song Jiazhangyu wins confession, If the Voice Cannot Remember releases emotional special Zhang Ruonan burst into tears on the set, A24“s new movie The Green Knight is rated as restricted, Gossip Girl reboot season, New York boot, original voice actors return, regret! Zhao Lusi and Xiao Zhan collaborated on a web drama "Oh! Xiao Zhan is known for …

Netizens think that Xiao Zhan is Zhao Lusi. As a singer, Xiao released a popular single "Spot Light" at the end of April 2020. The studio asked the public to stop sharing the photo and reserves the right to pursue legal action. At that time, both Zhao Lusi and Xiao Zhan were newcomers, and there was no big fire, so the popularity of this play was not particularly high.

微博 Official Sina Weibo:@X玖少年团肖战DAYTOY ins:zhanxiao1005_ 工作室 Studio(Weibo):@肖战 … 本网站由散粉制作,不是官方网站。以下是肖战先生的官方社交账号及其工作室的联系方式:. Please note that these are Xiao Zhan’s ONLY OFFICIAL contacts to date (Apr. He definitely receives the warmest welcome of any guest on the stage. All rights reserved. Netizens were very skeptical about the validity of the post. Just when everyone thought it was a network P picture, some netizens discovered that the studio’s statement was actually written long ago. The broadcast of this drama has greatly increased her reputation. Zhao Lusi Apologizes to Victoria Song for Accidentally Liking Post Complaining about Her Outfit, Xiao Zhan Writes Open Letter to Himself for 29th Birthday. Zhao Lusi has starred in many works since her debut, especially the one she starred in. The studio asked the public to stop sharing the photo and reserves the right to pursue legal action. As Xiao Zhan is introducing himself, the studio audience can’t seem to hold back their enthusiasm and much screaming ensues. Now that the popularity of Xiao Zhan is coming out, everyone will not pay attention to Zhou Zhennan. As soon as the news was exposed, it immediately caused an uproar. Heath Ledger wanted to direct the movie Abandoned Soldiers on the Back Wing, The Sky of the Wind Dog releases poster Peng Yuchang and Zhang Jingyi bid farewell, The movie Zhu De Children“s Group hits online screenings, the creator pays tribute to the revolutionary ancestors, The animated film Children of the Dragon God is screened nationwide, delivering positive values, Be the first to listen! My Emperor” (哦!我的皇帝陛下), where he had unrequited love for her, while she liked Gu Jiacheng’s character. As the episode kicks off Wang Han introduces this week’s guests: a famous Chinese singer, Zhang Bichen, popular band Lion, and of course, Xiao Zhan. 5. – In 2012, together with his friends he founded a photography studio and also a design studio – Xiao Zhan’s love for singing was what made him decide to pursue the career of an idol – Xiao Zhan is close to his parents and habitually contacts them often as he gets homesick sometimes On the evening of October 30, a screenshot of the social account of Zhao Lusi confessing Xiao Zhan was exposed on the Internet, saying that his confession Xiao Zhan was deleted within seconds after the war, which attracted the attention of netizens. This website is made by Xiao Zhan’s fans. A netizen was early with the Halloween or April Fool’s celebrations when they doctored a Weibo post that showed Zhao Lusi saying, “Like you @X玖少年团肖战DAYTOY“. However, Zhao Lusi himself was picked up, and there were 2 blog posts yesterday. But after that, the two had no other cooperation. I posted a picture that I can only see, so naturally there is no second screenshot. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'38jiejie_com-box-4','ezslot_3',140,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'38jiejie_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_13',139,'0','0'])); Zhao Lusi Joins Netizens in Complaining about Her Character, “Gu Shengnan”, from “Dating in the Kitchen”, Yu Zheng Defends Zhao Lusi in Midst of Weibo Post Controversy. Zhao Lusi’s studio immediately issued a statement refuting the claims and stated she only had one Weibo account: @赵露思的微博. In 2010, Xiao Zhan was admitted to the School of Modern International Design and Art of Chongqing Technology and Business University. We all know that Xiao Zhan and Zhou Zhennan belong to the same company.

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