Catch a fish then go sea fishing. Speak with the injured man on the stairs.

Two of the swords also come with symbols attached to them and all of them have three extra slots once fully upgraded. You get 10,000 Yen and a reward based on the answers you gave, and 10,000 Experience Points. The stones themselves are needed for the second half of the Pistol That Time Forgot barter to actually get the gun itself, you need twenty in total. Speak with the man in the yellow jacket. This is stuff like gears, wooden slats, screws, ores, powders, hammers, cloth, etc. Part 1: Chapter 2 (Night), Chikuzengawa Street (Nagasugai). This is the best method to earn money in this game since winning 1500点 allows you to buy a Platinum Plate from the gambling den which retails for 12両0000文 at Ebisuya Pawn Shops and it takes maybe 5 to 10 minutes to get a winning bird that wins the set. Part 1: Chapter 2 (Night), East Meisei Street (Nagasugai). Grab is arguable since it can allow you to grab for a bit longer but the Hand-to-Hand and Pistol upgrades give you more than enough time to hold people. CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand. Speak to the woman handing out fliers. What we are looking for is a bird that is green arrow to the top-right or purple arrow straight up because this determines if the bird will get a speed boost at the end of the race or if it can shrug off the blue aura that slows them down, if they have placed at least rank 一, 二, or 三 in the last three matches, and if they have a ○ or ◎ and if so do they have three or more of them. Safeguard will be put on the chest piece as will Reciprocation. Growth is ignored since you will, ironically, grow out of it. until the park. This only opens up after doing the Another life introduction and requires you to buy upgrades from the Dharma Exchange to increase his inventory choices. You need to collect a certain number of cards to unlock the Substory. Interacting with new characters, learning more about the background stories of friends, and some of the rewards are pretty awesome too. Send her to collect on a loan. For the basic sense of completion, they're both the same. You can also attempt the Hundred Man fight but even if you achieve the best rank and kill all the people in around four or five minutes you only earn 6,000 points, and it's a lot more annoying and taxing to obtain compared to doing a two to three minute run of the 強者の宴 arena battle.

A long pole for Bojutsu Mastery can be found lying on the ground in Mukurogai in the area with the shrine and Doctor Shinbei and scattered around Rakugai and Rakunai. Wooden Bear Carvings are more or less a common/uncommon drop rate and are needed for a wide variety of weapons on top of the first half of the barter for the Pistol That Time Forgot. This guide explains Where To Find Red Tracksuit Men In Yakuza 5 with a map showing the location of each group that, Yakuza 5 Remastered returns the exciting Revelations system. You get 20,000 Experience Points. The tile in the center of the board is the "dora" tile. If you can make a winning hand that contains that tile (For example, Peacock 1 is showing as the dora tile and in your hand you have a Peacock 1, 2, 3) you will gain bonus points. All of the priest shop upgrades titled 神主商店、開店!and 神主商店発展 under the 徳 section are purchased so that the priest's shop has his entire inventory to look through. At the interview, answer the following: Speak to the man outside Club SEGA. Beat down the pervert then the group of thugs. Speak with the Father Christmas. Also, once you begin a substory, if it has a second part that occurs elsewhere, you can find a "!" Next you have to visit an ATM and deposit cash for the kids. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Approach the area and and man speaks to Haruka.

Head to the cafe in the center of town, Part 1: Chapter 2, North Chikuzengawa Street (Nagasugai). They are called 密柑 and sell for 50文. It is a game type where you run through stages that have increasingly harder enemies but give you good material drops needed for making all the weapons. The items needed to upgrade the sword to the Rusty Swords can be bought from the priest once you unlock Another Life and enhance his shop from the Dharma Exchange, and then to upgrade the swords after that you will need to run the Battle Dungeons which start from chapter 5. appears. Next take the gun to the blacksmith and you're going to want to upgrade both the damage of it (The first option in the window), and the quality of it (The second option in the window). Be careful with カン pairings. First off you want to talk to the proprietor and select the second option to buy tags and preferably buy the 10両 option. Part 3, Chapter 2, Bunzaemon Outdoor Mall. Beat down the thugs. Once you start chapter 3 you can do Chicken Racing, and once you earn 12万0000点 (To leave some extra so you can continue farming the chickens) you can go to the Gambling Hall a bit to the right of the Chicken Racing area and talk to the guy on the left. Speak with the guy about to jump then follow him to the lender. I failed this one so be careful. Right side are the bets that at the end of the race that will be the exact result. Speak with Muramatsu. After you speak with the Editor head west further up Honjincho St, the guy is outside Club Eden. It’s an easy battle, just choose Paper every time and you’ll defeat him. You can also get a couple other items from here but you only use like 5 of each of them at most in synthesizing weapons so you'll get them along the way to the Dragon items. Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin (released in Japan in February 2014) is a spin-off game set at the end of the Edo period of Japanese history (known as the Bakumatsu period), a period when the Tokugawa Shogunate came to an end and imperial rule was restored (Meiji Restoration). Kiryu and friends return in another epic installment of the Yakuza franchise. The areas they can take you to are generally near where you want to be at any given time so it's usually worth a look. This is especially helpful on Ginryu.

The substories, friendships, and training will get you a decent chunk of the rare or semi-rare items out of the way but you're still going to have to farm. The answers don't mate, either way you're fighting men in loin cloth. For more information, check the Substories list below. This section is only meant to be followed at endgame when you have more than 500両0000文 lying around and don't want to grind your styles after the level uncap the long way. Please refer to. The Dharma Hood or some sort of headgear with the Dharma symbol attached to it for even more Dharma gain. You can also increase the amount you bet by winning enough matches.

You'll be able to do this in tandem with the "Golden Masses" requirement later on. Hirakawa comes back in and fixes it. Then you have to beat Takuma. … Do the dancing event. That's right. The downside of this method is he will sometimes go into his hug without warning so you have little time to back away or he will sway and retaliate meaning you need to be prepared to sway/block properly. Part 1: Chapter 2 (Night), Ramen Stall South West of Town (Nagasugai). It’s with Komaki at the fountain in Purgatory. You get a card and 4,000 Experience Points. A staple of the Yakuza series, substories are mini-dramas that you can engage in in order to help the populace of Japan in their lives. Why buy a newspaper when you can whoop some ass? A good 50% or so of your items can simply be bought from vendors. Yakuza 0 - Substory and Friendship Guide A gameplay guide by Undead_Wolf_N7 • Published 11th June 2017 • Updated 1st January 2019 This is an in-depth guide to all 100 substories and the friendships found in Yakuza … The answer is to just do the 強者の宴 battle over and over and over again which gives you 3,000 points each time for a total of 67 times which will take about 2 to 3 minutes each attempt for a total of about 2 hours and 12 minutes to 3 hours and 18 minutes depending on how quickly you do each round.

If a dealer gets this hand then he gets 20x the points the players bet from each player. Part 3, Chapter 3 (End of Chapter) East Sotenbori St, Speak with the man in the chef outfit.

Right side are the recommended small bets betting that that that numbered bird (First) will beat that numbered bird (Second). If you're near the end of the game and are looking to fill in the gaps on your list, please use the list below, click on the substory you're missing, and you'll be taken to that part of the guide: #1 - The Price of an F-cup#2 - My Baby's a Showgirl#3 - Bet On a Champ#4 - The Yakuza's Wife#5 - A Doctor's Duty#6 - The Fake Mizuki's Truth#7 - Man on a Ledge#8 - Molestation Accusation#9 - The Stalker#10 - Dine and Dash#11 - The Price of a Palm-reading#12 - The Toll Collector#13 - Pay it Forward#14 - The Yakuza Hater#15 - The Bouncer#16 - Collection Call#17 - Bump and Scam#18 - Bump and Scam: Revenge#19 - Bump and Scam: Three Strikes#20 - Bump and Scam: Epilogue#21 - Con-tacts#22 - The Little Match Girl#23 - The Crane Game#24 - Prodigal Son#25 - Bowling Battle#26 - The Drunkard#27 - Handbag Hunt#28 - Under Suspicion#29 - The Heart of Vandalism#30 - The Yakuza's Apprentice#31 - The Yakuza's Apprentice II#32 - The Yakuza's Apprentice III#33 - The Yakuza's Apprentice IV#34 - Man Scout#35 - The Truth About Beauty#36 - Professional Brawler#37 - Gangbusters#38 - Pick Pocket Pursuit#39 - Kyoka and Takashi#40 - The Medicine Goes Down#41 - The B-King's Misfortune#42 - The Cell Phone Plan#43 - Yakuza on the Run#44 - Bad Boy in Blue#45 - Of Luck and Debt#46 - The Last Assassin#47 - Crisis on the Crapper#48 - Memories of the Bubble#49 - The Rumored Party#50 - Searching for the Present#51 - Bad Ass Dads#52 - The Value of 2,000 Yen#53 - MesuKing: The Queen of Beetles#54 - A Goodbye Promise#55 - Freedom to Romance#56 - The Fighter's Successor#57 - Behind the Assassin#58 - In Pursuit of Pleasure#59 - Komaki Style: Shot Stopper#60 - Komaki Style: Swordsmanship#61 - Komaki Style: Roundhouse Attack#62 - Komaki Style: Cat-Like Reflexes#63 - Komaki Style: Clear-Minded Mastery#64 - Komaki Style: Evade and Strike#65 - Komaki Style: Dharma Tumbler#66 - Komaki Style: Fist Reversal#67 - Komaki Style: Knock Back#68 - Komaki Style: Tiger Drop#69 - Komaki Style: Parry#70 - Practice Match with Professor#71 - First Rival#72 - Private Lesson#73 - As Long as There's Love#74 - Time for a Raid!#75 - The Professor's Past#76 - The Professor's Past 2#77 - Enjoying It With Everyone#78 - Battle for the MesuKing Throne, Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad.

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