Yuushibu gets bonus points for having a scene where two characters of different gender are trapped inside a ball of slime and fall out of it WITHOUT landing on eachother.

Raul and Fino work together to fix the problem which turned out to be a magic eater, a rare creature not usually found in a city. Airi was a straight A student in hero school and is embarrassed to have to admit episose she is working as a bunny-girl at the rival magic store. To quickly describe the supporting cast... Seara August (the manager of the store Raul and Fino work at), Lore Beriferal (the store's mechanic who is also in charge of deliveries), Nova Luminous (another employee of the store), Airi "All-A's" Ortinet (Raul's friend and rival from the Hero Academy...token tsundere badass of the group), Elsa Crucial (one of the shopgirls next door who has a crush on Raul), Lamdimia de Accimemor (the other shopgirl next door, who prefers to be called by her full name).

At this point, I will say that the number-one reason to watch this show is Fino. Raul is apprehensive about this decision, fearing that Fino may do something wrong or wub something explode. torrent magnet horriblesubs download : Dreaming of becoming a hero and vanquishing the Demon King, Raul Chaser enters the Hero Training Program in pursuit of his ambition. However, Raul's world is quickly turned upside-down when someone with the following resume comes into the store, looking for a job: Name: Fino.

CAD $1.99.

; Aerith and Bob: While most of the characters have fairly normal names such as Raul, Airi, and Seara, there are some more exotic names, such as Lamdimia.And a clerk in episode 5 who hands his business card to Raul is named "Shell Script". Also, magic fans. This OVA stars all the original characters. Agency for Cultural Affairs. Archived from the original on She states that the attackers want her to become the next demon lord and so open up the hero business again. Later Fino is kidnapped and it is revealed that Amada, with plans to reopen weapon and armour shops, is working with Raid and Blaze in this matter. Yumekui Kenbun Engljsh Admirari no Tenbin: Retrieved January 16, Retrieved August 10, Because the Leon unit is more expensive, the son wants to install the unit he bought and they are about to leave but stop when the son flags them down.

A Day in the Limelight: Episode 4 gives more screentime to Elsa and Lamdimia when Fino helps them out for the day at their convenience store. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Episode 2. At the end of the session they find out that another hero has defeated the Demon Lord and there is no longer any need for them to train. Also, Fino is freaking adorable.

To increase the sales of other items, such as cameras, Lamdimia proposes that customers can test out their new cameras by dub photos of the bikini-clad staff. As the title might suggest, our main character, Raul Chaser, wanted to be a hero.

Yeah, the story was weak, but I loved Fino so much, I didn't mind. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

Unlike The Devil is a Part-Timer, the world our characters are living in is the same world as that of the heroes and demons...so there's no portal stuff going on. Raul hurries to the manager’s office only to find that Fino has been hired. Best reason to watch Yuushibu: Fino's laugh. To his surprise she pulls out a resume and goes off with the manager, leaving the resume behind. OVA, ['Yusibu OVA', 'Yu-sibu OVA', 'Yuushibu OVA', "I Couldn't Become a Hero", 'So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job.

Raul and his fellow co-workers think its a better idea to trick his sister to thinking Raul is a real hero.

Raul mistakes this as her wanting to make a complaint against him and does not react well to the idea. When Blaze shows up he reveals the motivation for his yuhshibu in her kidnapping and then shocks her by revealing that Raul and Airi were heroes in training. No, it's not more DiaPT, but it's so similar, if you liked the Demon Lord making fries, you'll probably like the Demon Lord's daughter selling supplies. Jun 28, 2017 - Explore Arlene Chan's board "Yuushibu" on Pinterest. 24 min 2015-06-11 CAD $2.99.

Lamdimia meets with a demon named Raid who also wants Fino to become the next demon lord and he has the Bloodstone amulet to ensure it. Yuushibu was still a fun watch for me. Despite … Raul Chaser, the main character, is shown training to be a hero alongside Airi “All A”, among others. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. I'd be okay with two more seasons of this even.

Tortured Souls Future Diary: Enter Fino, the Demon Lord’s daughter, who demands to see the manager. Yuushibu introduces its heroine, Fino Bloodstone, and from that point on, the majority of the show becomes the Raul and Fino show. After some time trying to convince Fino she reverts back to her old self destroying the Bloodstone amulet.

She Couldn't Become a Hero, so She Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job, Too.

The anime just follows the day to day life of Fino trying to fit into normal society and work with Raul serving as her mentor and keeping an eye on her. After some time trying to convince Fino she reverts back to her old self destroying the Bloodstone amulet. BLEACH EPISODE 294 ENGLISH DUBBED BLEACHGET, SINOPSIS BREAD LOVE AND DREAMS EPISODE 24 PELANGI DRAMA, ARANG AND THE MAGISTRATE SINOPSIS EPISODE 8 PART 2, GLASSLIP EPISODE 1 ENGLISH SUB SOUL ANIME, SPIRAL SUIRI NO KIZUNA EPISODE 1 ENGLISH DUB.

After that though, I'll be back to catch you... Fino carries this show, otherwise it'd just be fanservice. OVA'] Sypnosis : Raul's sister has come all the way from Raul's home village to see her brother who has "become a hero."

When next we see Raul, he is reluctantly working at a magic appliance store called ‘Leon’, since there is a severe lack of jobs for people with his particular skill set. Raul and Fino work together to fix the problem which turned out to be a magic eater, a rare creature not usually found in a city.

Given, her attire, Raul thought that Fino was male, but, on reading the resume, finds out his error along with Fino’s severe lack of skills even for this type of job. Sadly, there's currently not much else out about it since there are only 4 volumes of the LNs. As Miss Beelzebub Likes B. If the laughing video didn't convince you, here's a gif of her first experience with a fan. Elsewhere, the assistant manager and Lore are given a tour of an appliance manufacturer where they find that the reason their prices are so low is that they use no cost monster labour. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. These cookies do not store any personal information.

Yuushibu is very lewd but also has some pretty good plot. Dreaming of becoming a hero and vanquishing the Demon King, Raul Chaser enters the Hero Training Program in pursuit of his ambition. Okay, so I'm sure quite a few of you want a second season of The Devil is a Part-Timer. The last couple episodes were a serious story arc. After they fix the problem, they get a call from Lore that means trouble. His character kind of reminded me of an older version Yuuta from Chu2koi to be honest.

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