Frankincense Oil – A Potential Treatment for Bladder Cancer?


A woman called Jackie Hogan was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer concerning her bladder. Doctors had informed her that she would have to have her bladder eventually removed. That means she’d have to spend the remainder of her life wearing a drainage bag.

But because she wanted to avoid that at all costs, she opted for alternative treatments and turned her back on traditional medication.

Well, it turns out that, in her case, taking matters into her own hands has been the best decision of her life. She can proudly say today that there are no signs whatsoever of bladder cancer.

How Did She Ever Do It?

Simple, she discovered the miraculous abilities of frankincense oil. According to researchers at the University of Oklahoma, this oil, particularly when combined with sandalwood oil, has a great potential for destroying cancer cells.

In fact, it is so powerful, that it represents a candidate on a constantly-growing list of natural components which successfully kill off cancer cells. All Jackie Hogan did was take 4 drops of frankincense essential oil orally twice per day.

Frankincense Oil and What It Can Offer You

So, it has already been stated that frankincense oil can be of great help in treating (or even, possibly curing?) bladder cancer. But that’s not all it can do. It can also hinder many other types of cancer from occurring in the first place.

Among which are leukemia, prostate cancer, and melanoma. This is because it is generally an essential oil with potent anti-cancer properties. But even that’s not all it can do. It is a great choice for treating wounds and fighting fungus, and boosting one’s mood.

Then there’s its use in eradicating bad breath, easing digestive issues and naturally strengthening one’s hair.

Many cultures in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East have a long tradition of using frankincense essential oil.

What’s the Science Behind the Healing?

Its effectiveness is thanks to its monoterpene content. What are monoterpenes? They are compounds which have the high potential of helping kill cancer cells at the time when they are still forming.

But even if they have progressed well after their initial stage, the monoterpenes in frankincense oil still come to the rescue. This makes it ideal for everyone, as it doesn’t matter how early or how late one discovers they have cancer. They can still use this natural treatment.

Monoterpenes aid in the healing process by following a series of events in your body. First, they stop the replication process of the cell, then its death, and finally, regression of the tumor.

So, while we are not claiming anything, you might want to give frankincense essential oil a try, for many of its benefits, not just for the treatment of cancer. Stay healthy, dear readers.

Source: Get Holistic Health | The Raw Food World