One compound of garlic named allicin is best fighter against high blood pressure. The other garlic health benefits are already well known and are truly amazing!

They also prevents the creation of angiotensin II and relaxes the blood vessels.

Moreover, garlic is very helpful if you want to lower your high cholesterol levels (LDL). This vegetable has been used since forever and you can consume it in different tasteful meals or salads, it is delicious and plus healthy.

Besides lowering your blood pressure it is perfect for straightening your immune system, it protects you from getting colds and flu and other bacteria and infections.

On the other side, we all know how bad is the breath after eating raw garlic, but also a heartburn, gas, nausea, body odor and a lingering pungent taste in the mouth. It is individual, some may feel this things, some won’t.

Here are the reasons why consuming garlic is not recommended for some people:

  1. Individuals, who have diseases that need to be threatened with drugs, shouldn’t eat garlic without doctors recommendation.
  2. If you are suffering from circulation problems and you are using anticoagulant drugs, you should not consume garlic because it can cause excessive bleeding.
  3. Sensitive stomach and garlic combination is not good for you because it can lead to gastrointestinal counter indications when eaten with stomach medications.
  4. If you have liver problems – garlic may decrease the liver’s breakdown of some medications or even decrease the effectiveness of the medications taken for liver issues. In fact, almost all medications, especially birth control medications, can have adverse interactions with garlic in any form.
  5. If your blood pressure is within the normal ranges or tipping to the lower border consuming garlic may further lower it and cause health complications. You can consume it but from time to time and in moderate amounts only.
  6. If you’re pregnant– even though “moderate” amounts of raw garlic are safe during a pregnancy or periods of breastfeeding, taking garlic as a remedy during this time is not advisable.