This Melts-In-The-Mouth Old Fashioned Custard Pie Is Truly Heaven Sent!

Custard pie is a classic favorite family recipe. Ever since I was a kid, I used to enjoy eating custard pie at least every twice a month. My mother loved making it because it’s easy. Most, if not all of the ingredients, are actually just in your cupboard. There are no complicated or difficult ingredients that you have to hunt down when making a custard pie, which is why it’s a classic favorite. It’s a dessert pie that we were used to eating a lot. I got the recipe from my mother. In fact, I used to help her make this custard pie even as a kid so I have always been familiar with it. Now that I have a family, I am sharing the recipe to my husband and my kid by making them this custard pie at least once a month.

This custard pie recipe from Everything Pies reminds me of my mother’s custard pie recipe. I tried this one a couple of times before and it’s a also hit with my family. The custard truly melts in the mouth as if it’s butter. It’s also really soft and moist. There are some custard pies that are a bit crumbly and dry, which is not a good thing at all. So if you are looking for a perfect custard pie recipe, then this recipe is for you. You can find a list of the ingredients and instructions on the next page. Don’t waste any more time, my friends. Let your family enjoy this amazing custard pie!


Photo and recipe courtesy of Everything Pies.


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