Reviews about the recipe:

“This is a great recipe. I doctored it up a little bit, not much, but it was truly amazing. I used green chile olive oil, which gave it a bit of a kick, and used 12 oz carrots and 12 oz Brussels sprouts. I also spread whole rosemary stalks around the pan instead of chopping it. And instead of parsley I sprinkled chopped fresh chives and drizzled half of a lemon over everything. 450 degrees was a little high and a couple of the onions burned, but overall it was delish! I’ll use 425 next time, I think. The sweetness of the apple really complemented the sausage and the veggies. My man loved it! It’s definitely a keeper. I think the green chile oil made a big difference, and all the flavors really blended well. It’s a nice recipe to experiment with as well, maybe adding potatoes and other root vegetables, and different oils and seasonings.”



“Loved this. Based on blandness others commented on made a few adjustments. To oil rub mixture added 1 t. dried parsley and 1 t. garlic powder and after coating veggies in bowl sealed them in a quart baggie and put in fridge for a few hours turning a couple times. Did everything else exactly as recipe called for and even my picky husband loved it. Great recipe and very simple!”


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