Ten types of cancer that threaten obese people


Overweight and obesity increase the risk of developing ten common cancers, published by British researchers in the journal Lancet.

Experts from the London School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in this study collected data from five million people and the result confirmed the link between obesity and cancer development.

Proved that obesity is strongly and linearly associated with an increased risk of developing six types of cancer. The most vulnerable areas are cervical cancer, then the bladder, kidney, cervix, thyroid and leukemia.

People with higher BMI also have greater likelihood of cancer of the liver, colon, ovary and breast, but the relationship in these four cases is less clear than the previous six and depends on other individual risk factors.

Although these diseases represent 90 percent of cancers diagnosed in the UK in some of the more common types, such as prostate cancer, no association was found with obesity.

The researchers conclude that  although the connection between obesity and cancer is complex, it is clear that weight gain increases the risk of developing cancer.