The Strongest Girls Are The Girls With Anxiety

Black woman hugging her knees

A girl who is constantly doubting and questioning herself is often seen as insecure and weak. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

A girl with anxiety is constantly under the pressure of whether she should speak up or just stay in the shadows. This is for fear of the many potential consequences that can occur.

But that’s just what makes her stronger than others. There are days when she succumbs to that voice inside her head. She retreats from everyone and everything, and that’s the end of that. But there are also times when she fights against those inner fears and insecurities.

Then she finds the strength to boldly step forward and join the outside world by socializing and daring to show her beautiful smile.

There is such hidden power in ignoring your timid side and taking the risk of doing things which make you anxious. And those are everyday things, which makes this an everyday battle. She wins over her anxiety every time she raises her voice to state her opinion.

Even if that voice is shaky and uncertain. She still manages to make the effort to speak out. It is the same situation when she decides to show up to an event she’s been dreading and mulling over ever since she found out about it.

The reason she does that is because she fears all the possible scenarios and everything that may go wrong. But there is no weakness in that.

More Than  She Seems

Sure, it may be an easier option for her to cancel the appointment, whether it’s something personal like a date or a get-together with friends, or professional like a job interview or meeting.

And indeed, sometimes she does just that, but the times when she decides to ‘face the music’ and simply be around people.

Those are the times that count. The times when she gets up, showers, and does what needs to be done. Those times show her real inner strength.

And yes, even if she decides to join society that day, any little thing can steal her attention and send her mind reeling. We can all get distracted, but in her case, it is much harder.

Even a look directed at her can make her feel even more self-conscious than she already is. But she decides to ignore all that.

The anxiety connected with the way people look at her. She ignores the nagging inner questions which when she thinks someone is judging her. She knows that life must go on, and so she pushes forward with her daily routine.

Her power is born from those constant inner battles, and she is strong enough to fight back all her dark thoughts and doubts in favor of letting in some positive ones. She wants to live her life and be the best that she can be.

Of course, moments of weakness are bound to come up now and again. There is the tendency to often feel suppressed and inferior to those who are social butterflies.

She can feel she is not worthy enough to share the same space with those who can chat up any stranger and talk to them as if they’ve known them forever.

She Is Anything But Weak

But ‘inferior’ and ‘unworthy’ are two of the words which can never describe this incredibly bold and brave person. She’s a fighter, if only she could see that about herself. She puts in the effort and finds the strength from inside to go on even when all she wants is to crawl under the covers.

This is exactly what makes her amazing. Because she constantly leaves her comfort zone (on a daily basis, in fact) while others, who are much more open, hesitate to do so even once.

One would think that being continuously on edge about what to say, do or even how to react, can be pure torture. But that’s exactly how she learns, and she’s truly gotten so far. And there are even times when she shocks even herself with how daring she can be.

Yes, she’s always struggling. Yes, she’s always fighting a never-ending fight. But she’s also winning, and that’s what’s most important.

Source FeedFad | Thought Catalog