Use Lemongrass to Detox Your Body, Treat Bad Cholesterol, Infections, and More


Lemongrass is very widely used in Southeast Asia, but that doesn’t mean that the whole world can’t benefit from it. Other than being used in certain soups or for adding a pleasant scent to a spa, it is actually a very powerful herb with many pros for your health.

Here 8 of the many reasons why everyone should include a stalk or two of lemongrass in their meal preparation.

1. It Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Having cholesterol problems? Not to worry, just sip on some lemongrass tea. Quite a few studies conducted on the subject have proven lemongrass’s power to maintain healthy levels of your body’s triglycerides. This, of course, lowers your bad LDL cholesterol.

And this, in return, makes for less buildup of plaque in your arteries, allowing your blood to flow more smoothly and freely.

2. An Effective Diuretic

Now, while we know some of you might have had enough of all the rage going on about detoxing, but we assure you that lemongrass really does the job, and there aren’t any side effects either.

It is a healthy way to clean your body of any lingering toxins since it acts as a diuretic by making you urinate on a more frequent basis. Additionally, lemongrass can also help lower the swelling in your feet and belly.

3. Calms Your Mind

We all have stress in our lives in one form of another. That is simply how this modern world works, most of us are usually always in a hurry. But stress is never good news for our health, and this is where lemongrass comes to the rescue.

Many have already praised it for its ability to calm the nerves and tranquilize your body. Furthermore, it can make you feel sleepy when all you want is a good night’s rest but cannot stop getting distracted.

4. Aromatherapeutic Properties

Even for someone who has just been acquainted with this herb, they can already tell it has a heavenly scent. But it’s so much more than the fact that it smells nice. You see, its scent has been known to rejuvenate the mind as well as cool the body down on those hot summer days.

It is truly an aromatic herb in every meaning of the word, since it is good for both the soul and body. It also improves your circulation and can revitalize tired, dull skin.

And to anyone who has already known the pleasure of going to an oriental spa knows exactly how much lemongrass has an effect on improving the senses.

5. Fights Obesity

It’s always useful to keep an eye out for foods that, while battling any fat accumulation, also don’t skip out on the taste. Lemongrass certainly holds a high position when it comes to ranking fat-fighting super foods.

It can positively help with weight loss thanks to one specific compound – and that is citral. It prevents fat from accumulating in your body and helps burn the fat by turning it into fuel. On top of all that, it also gives your metabolism a boost and maintains its health.

That way your organism breaks down the food you eat more easily.

6. Wards Off Mosquitoes

It has been known for a while now that mosquitoes are serious disease carriers and one needs to be wary of them. You would say there are plenty of insect repellents on the market, and that is true, but they all come with consequences to our own health.

They are chock-full of harmful chemicals which, while getting the job done with our blood-sucking ‘friends’, don’t leave us neutral either. They can be a cause for many chronic diseases, and that’s why it is always better to use a natural repellant.

And guess what that is? That’s right, lemongrass. In this particular case, its oil is best for getting rid of any annoying insects while not having to worry about any die-effects.

In order to keep you and your loved ones save from diseases like dengue and malaria, it’s best to burn the lemongrass oil with some water.

7. Antifungal Properties

Yup, that too. Lemongrass can even help maintain the health of your feet. So next time you feel like doing a do-it-yourself pedicure at home, simply pour a few drops of lemongrass oil to the bath in which you’ll soak your feet.

What’s more, lemongrass also combats any unpleasant odors, so say goodbye to the embarrassment of smelly feet! And since we already mentioned it has powerful antifungal properties, it can keep your feet safe from infections.

8. Helps Combat Cancer

Lemongrass is an influential antioxidant which can fight any free radicals before they do any real damage to your cells. Furthermore, they can prevent any cells from mutating and turning cancerous.

A hot cup of tea or a few stalks in your daily meals should be enough to keep you healthy and fresh.

So next time you go shopping, be sure to add lemongrass to your list.

Source Curejoy | Food NDTV